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  1. Devastating news. The Australasian tour hasn't even been announced yet, but if some of the news stories being posted are true, it looks like Perth is going to miss out. After touring every album so far, this will be the first time Perth will miss a Coldplay tour. We nearly didn't get Twisted Logic, but a petition changed that, and we ended up getting an awesome concert. Why do we miss out this time? Do we have to petition again?
  2. I went to see Roger Waters on Friday night and it was that phenomenal I had to go again Saturday. I have been to see all those shows on the first page, and this blew all of them out of the water. Amazing to experience, if it comes to your city, go. Here's a great review of it: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/arts/reconstructed-wall-a-monumental-feat/story-fn9d2mxu-1226256667477
  3. Just got back from Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl is a legend.
  4. YAY, just got tickets for Foo Fighters with Tenacious D.
  5. Just bought tickets for Roger Waters in January. Hopefully getting Foo Fighters tickets on thursday.
  6. Updated. Went to see U2 the other night. due to my job, I got to escort Bono and The Edge through our airport. Was an awesome experience.
  7. Ive seen Pearl Jam 5 times, hoping to make it 6 and plenty more.
  8. Updated, went and saw Metallica again last night. Fully awesome.
  9. Bought tickets for Metallica today, cant wait.
  10. Updated (on 1st page) Tears For Fears tonight were great.
  11. Tear for Fears and Spandau Ballet coming up on saturday. Goin back to the '80s!
  12. Updated (1st page), went to West Coast Blues & Roots Festival to see John Butler Trio and Crowded House.
  13. Updated (1st page), 4 new purchases today.
  14. Updated, Metallica Live in Mexico City arrived in the mail today :cool:
  15. Updated once again. Went and saw AC/DC saturday night, and managed today to score tickets to tonights sold out gig in Perth. It rocked once again. Possibly their last live gig on home soil, lets hope not.
  16. Yeah, he aint coming to Perth so thinking of flying over to Brisbane for this one.
  17. Updated, went and saw the mighty AC/DC tonight. Good to have them home.
  18. Updated, saw George Michael tonight. Was brilliant.
  19. Updated my list on the first page coz its been a while since I last visited this thread!
  20. Bump, surely people have seen something lately to add to their lists.
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