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  1. Yeah, welcome. Make sure you let all your friends know about the petition and get them to sign it aswell. The more people who sign it the better the cause. It just might change their minds.
  2. Its possible, what with a new website coming up and all. If the website is about to change and all, it will be because of the 4th album. September is still 4 months away, which is time to announce the release of a single, then an album aswell. But I wouldnt rely on it.
  3. John Mayer is just as cool as Coldplay.
  4. I bet they are. Although I love Coldplay so much, I am still dissappointed of the decision not to release a DVD of the Twisted Logic Tour. I wonder what Chris, Jonny, Will and Guy actually think of the decision, to get alot of peoples hopes up over the DVD and then have them dashed. I live in Australia, and it was only on Pay TV, which we dont have. :( It would be awesome if they changed their minds.
  5. I want a pair of those Adidas shoes Chris wears.
  6. www.coldplay.com Is the new album round the corner? I hope so.
  7. I saw him at West Coast Blues & Roots Festival in Perth a couple of weeks ago. He was good.
  8. I come from a land down under is the americas cup national anthem.
  9. I really hope they come to Australia. Perth in particular. But I will fly to Sydney or Melbourne for this if I have too.
  10. Updated. Here is my review (that I posted on another forum) of tonights gig, INXS / Simple Minds / Arrested Development Bit of a stormy night over the hills in Perth, but the weather was perfect at the WACA. They really should have more concerts there. (I went a couple of years ago to Fleetwood Mac there and its such a great venue.) EVERYONE, no matter where you are sitting, sits very close to the stage. I went with the folks to this one, so we had seats which were a couple of rows back from the GA area. Wicked view. Arrested Development started the proceedings at 7 for half an hour. I liked them back in the day, but feared they were going to be like Kanye at U2 and sound shit live. But I was wrong. They sounded great live. Had this rocking chair on stage at the back and gave it this 'cozy' feel when the chick singers would go and take a seat and sing from there. They also had this cool dude who never sang once but would sometimes wave these things round or just go and sit in the rocking chair and rock away to the music. Mr Wendal and Everyday People really got the crowd going at the end. After half hour break it was Simple Minds for an hour. Ive heard good things about their live gigs so was really expecting alot. And they delivered. They sounded tight as and got the whole place rocking. Had to laugh during Dont You Forget About Me when Jim Kerr got the crowd doing the "lalalala's", he says 'I should be paying you guys for the singing, but im a scotsman'. But they were excellent. After another half hour break, it was INXS for an hour and a half. Now, I was like the masses and loved INXS until the 'find a singer in a reality show' bullshit. But a dude at work saw them last year and said they were great so I was willing to give them a chance considering I really love their songs. After a countdown to AC/DC's TNT, INXS explode on stage with Suicide Blonde. At first it all seemed wrong. Heres a band playing this song with this foreigner, its not right. But into the song, if you close your eyes he sounds exactly like Michael. And as the show went on, I realised this JD dude is a top replacement. They sounded awesome. Played everything, except Mediate which I was hoping they would play. Even the new stuff sounded awesome. Was totally surprised at how fucking good live they really are. Definately would see them again! All in all, for $99 it was worth every cent, if not a little more! All three bands sounded spot on and it was an awesome night.
  11. One funky mum. Pearl Jam rock. My mum and dad dig Pearl Jam aswell.
  12. It seems the Coldplayer aint to user-friendly for alot of fans.
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