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  1. Updated page 1. Fleetwood Mac tonight, awesome once again.
  2. Pearl Jam went off tonight, as usual. List on first page updated.
  3. Updated. Hey, they were offering really cheap tickets.
  4. Cheers, I did a search and couldnt find it. All that typing for nothing!!!!
  5. Concerts you have attended - List here Do not reply in this thread. See this thread - http://coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32479
  6. Part proceeds of the merchandise sales is going to the bushfire appeal. The prices didnt seem to phase alot of people because the merchandise stands were packed at both gigs. I spent $185 on 2 programs and 3 t-shirts. I bought a ticket for my nephew for christmas in gold section, so for the two nights, nephews ticket and merchandise Coldplay got $605 from me, and it was worth every cent.
  7. Holy shit, Ive just downloaded the video of the concert and just watched the first two songs. Turned out alot better than I expected, and the sound is spot on. Will have to watch a couple more, than off to bed. Will look at more tomorrow.
  8. I took video of the whole gig tonight, but havent loaded it onto the computer yet. Will do shortly. And will post a proper review of both shows probably tomorrow night, when I come down from this weekends high.
  9. Agree with most of what you say. But I thought the crowd was a bit average tonight, crowd was better at Twisted Logic Tour. The crowd were getting into the singing, but werent dancing as much, apart from the guy next to me who was headbanging half the night like he was at Metallica! I also thought Twisted Logic show was alot slicker than tonight. Was still a great show though. Heaps more balloons during Yellow than before, always love that moment. I was in front of the right hand catwalk tonight, but didnt bother to take my camera. I like to take vid too, but from alot of previous gigs Ive discovered I hate standing down the front of concerts holding my arm up half the night. Tomorrow nights gig I am gold seated, so will enjoy a different aspect of the show, and will take my camera and take some vid of the show. And hopefully its not as hot in there, but doubt that if its gonna be 35 tomorrow. Will post full review after tomorrows show.
  10. Damn, I thought they were updating!
  11. I cant log onto coldplay.com atm, do you think they are updating the website today with new album info?
  12. I might just have to fly to Japan for this.
  13. Good choices. I also have the Air Canada center Twisted Logic show on DVD. I even have a really speccy cover for the disc and DVD case!
  14. Went and saw The Police tonight. Absolutely awesome. Next stop, Big Day Out on sunday.
  15. I saw them when they toured Perth back in 2004. Still to this day, the best concert I have ever seen.
  16. A couple of new purchases today
  17. Got my Ten Club only copy of Pearl Jam Live At The Showbox DVD today
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