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  1. one i love trouble or the scientist
  2. I remember we laughed at the fact that they were going to leave Perth off the tour. They were so glad they didnt, it took them by surprise. Bits and pieces have been coming back to me, coz I was totally excited last week and I had forgotten what we talked about. I met Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam back in 2003 when they came to Perth for a gig. I got to have a smoke and chat with him, but same thing, I can vaguely remember what we talked about.
  3. Yes and no. I normally dont go into work the day after a concert because im normally still buzzing from going to the gig. But when one of my favourite bands are passing through work, I think otherwise. After seeing Coldplays performance the other night, it was hard to remain non-excited because it was such an awesome gig. But the guys and entourage were really down to earth sort of people, so I wasnt really nervous.
  4. My favourites are: Risky Business The Breakfast Club Weird Science Ferris Beullers Day Off Flying High
  5. It was cool. When I left the concert it was like 'seeya tomorrow' sorta thing.
  6. G'day Kristine, thats some great footage and brings back lots of memories. I must have been standing a couple of rows back from you. Have you got your hands on your sisters camera yet?
  7. Did you end up posting the pics and stuff Mandy?
  8. Im new too. Im from Perth. I went and saw Coldplay last week. I had high expectations of them, they exceeded them. Amazing show.
  9. Im starting to have withdrawals as I come down from the high of last week.
  10. Yeah, I got a black 'hand' shirt, brown shirt, poster and programme. Added bonus is my programme is signed now. I wish I got a blue shirt aswell. Like Bonita, a friend was holding me back.
  11. G'day all You can read my review and how I met the band here: http://www.coldplaying.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index&req=viewarticle&artid=622&page=1 Im new to this forum, but I already find you all a great bunch of people coz we all share one common thing, our love for Coldplay.
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