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  1. Split Enz and JT added. My collection is starting to grow.
  2. Bought REM, John Butler Trio, Foo Fighters and Nirvana today.
  3. Updated. Got the new Pearl Jam and Metallica's Cunning Stunts.
  4. Ben Harper arrived in the mail yesterday.
  5. Updated. Got the INXS one today.
  6. I always dreamt of working in the airline industry. I started with Emirates six weeks ago. They are awesome to work for.
  7. Stella Artois is another for me :D
  8. I have a couple: Levi's jeans Fox Racing clothes Ford cars
  9. Updated. Christina Aguilera is sooooooooo hot.
  10. The question about Live Earth I have is: How much power is required to host such an event, and for mass amounts of people to view/listen to it?
  11. Yeah, the handwriting thing is a bit hard sometimes, but I do like it.
  12. My Guns N Roses review (Coldplay gets a mention) Went to see Guns N Roses last night at Burswood Dome here in Perth. What a boganfest. I was really surprised at the long lines out the front, normally its a smooth flow into the Dome, but then understood when we got to the point where security were patting everyone down. Both support acts were on time so it looked promising for GNR to come out at 10.30. So starting at 11.05 was a good thing. The vocal mixing was shocking. Axls voice sounded excellent in some songs, and others (especially Knockin On Heavens Door) you couldnt even here him during certain parts, as if his microphone wasnt even on. Apart from some minor instrumental fuckups, and some feedback during Sweet Child O Mine, the music sounded great. Some of the solos, especially Dizzys, were really good. And the setlist was really well mixed aswell, not just saving all the great classics till the end. Axl was quite a showmen, had lots of energy. I kept waiting for him to spack it about something but it never happened. And it was good of him to come out at the end and thank everyone for being such a good crowd and to perform an entire gig. Gig finished at 1.10. I thought the crowd could have got a bit more into it. Everyone was shy of singing or moshing to much. I thought the crowd at Coldplay got more into it! Highlights for me was Live And Let Die, November Rain and You Could Be Mine. Overall I thought it was a fucking great show aswell. And anyone who doesnt decide to go to the shows over east on the fact that its 'Axl and a cover band, not GNR' is robbing themselves of a great gig,
  13. Go My guess will be: Friday, 24 August 2007
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