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  1. Pretty sure it was Clocks. I wasn't a fan back in 2003 but that song really got to me. That piano riff stayed with me for years. Clocks will always have a special place in my heart.
  2. Da. Prezent. Mare fan din Romania. Salutari tuturor fanilor Coldplay din Romania.
  3. Awesome. So happy for you!! Distractie maxima. O sa ai o seara de neuitat! Viva la Vida!
  4. Well. That's an opinion,your opinion as a matter of fact. Yes,they have changed,but not for worse. Everything and everybody changes.
  5. She was talking to a friend and asked her if she knew Coldplay or something. Anyway the only clear thing i heard was Coldplay, you know, the magic word
  6. Funny thing happened yesterday. I was walking on the street from work and i heard a girl walking by me talking about Coldplay. I wanted to ask her if she was a fan but i didn't dare,thinking it would be to weird of me. Anyway such a rare ocassion to hear random stuff about my favourite band on the street.
  7. Thank you for the great review. What a magical night!
  8. Hey. I am 28. Been a massive fan since 2011. Yet when Clocks was released in 2003 i really like that song,even though i didn't who sang it. After that i really liked Speed of Sound (probably because it was similar with Clocks haha) and Talk. But my true fandom and obsession came when they released Mylo Xyloto,such a happy and fun album, i was imediatly hooked. Since then i managed to turn my mom,who was 50 by tha t time,into a massive fan like me . It feels so good to share your obsession with someone, my mother and, of course all of you. Sorry for the long post. Over to you.
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