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  1. So this guy on youtube did a pretty spot on cover of ode to deodorant here [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDzGPfMkIbo]YouTube - Ode to Deodorant by Coldplay (Cover)[/ame] And despite my best efforts i cant seem to nail down what notes he is pressing or the guitar effect needed. So Instrument room, any help? Let us work this out together <3 so far ive got the tuning as EADGBB 9-----------8-----------7-----------6 9-----------8-----------7-----------6 9-----------8-----------7-----------6 11---------10----------9-----------6 12---------11----------10---------
  2. longshot but could i get pm'ed a link?
  3. Good evening! I uploaded "Clocks" from the AOL Acoustic Session 2003 for you here!

  4. Hey guys, quite proficient with the acoustic guitar now which is great, barre chords locked down, finger picking established and it takes quite a short time to learn songs, at least relative to when i started those months ago. Anyhoo, looking to move into electric guitar now and, though i love my guitar to death i havent taken any interest in the "how does it work, what to look for" areas of guitar theology. So im looking for an electric guitar, budget wise £150 ($275 i think) which should take into account a beginner amp aswell. Honestly ive no real idea what to look for, what to be aware of
  5. yeah thats what im referring to :D i made the thread Can play it well now
  6. i mean toronto 06 and basically all the 06 tour he adds the countdown at the end, the transition is a few more chords
  7. want to get a tad more complicated during acoustic sessions he plays it a tad differently, look up aol clocks and notice Also live he adds to the end Takes a while but lovely when you get it
  8. Jesus chris you neglectful shit of a mother, who goes to the fricking grammys on their due date :|
  9. http://www.justin.tv/tincho_f1 I think this is the grammys, its the red carpet anyhoo
  10. perhaps not allowed but anyway to watch this living in the united states of k the uk?
  11. jeff your a credit to this forum, i hope you know this, many thanks
  12. ok ive got some chords to you only live twice but they dont seem to correspond with how chris plays it,anyone fancy taking a stab?
  13. noobish question i know but what are people doing about hotels? Any recommendations? Ive got a budget of 150 which has to take into account tickets and train, is it doable to get a hotel fora night/two around wembley?
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