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  1. I think they should go to Langesund, Norway, in the midst of the summer. Pretty magic atmosphere in this place, and Norwegian summers can be nice. Come, COME!
  2. Viva La Vida vs. Ghost Stories Round 1: Always In My Head Round 2: Cemeteries of London Round 3: Magic Round 4: 42 Round 5: Lovers In Japan Round 6: Viva La Vida Round 7: Violet Hill Round 8: Strawberry Swing Round 9: O
  3. While some of you don't like ASFoS, I'm so glad they included that song. Not necessarily the best song on the album, but that one lead single that makes Ghost Stories to a complete album IMO. If I imagine GS without ASFoS, it's a fantastic album but still missing the top of the cake. Now, it's complete. And it's gonna gain more radio play as well, which after all isn't a bad thing. My first thoughts: Always In My Head 9/10 Magic: 7,5/10 Ink: 8/10 True Love: 9,5/10 Midnight: 9,5/10 Another's Arms: 8/10 Oceans: 9,5/10 A Sky Full of Stars: 9/10 O: 10/10
  4. A quick review Whoa! My third Coldplay concert, and it couldn't be better! I try, but I cannot imagine another band being better live than Coldplay. "All I can promise you is that we're gonna play the best fucking concert, we played in our lives," said Chris in the start, and he didn't let us down. Indeed, he did not. It kicks off with Back to the future, before Mylo Xyloto and Hurts Like Heaven takes us straight to heaven. Chris is dancing, you can literally smell the fireworks, and it is simply fantastic. Continues with In My Place, and the butterflies. There must be millions of them, if not billions. It's pure magic already. And it gets better. Major Minus is electric, and the butterflies comes again with Lovers In Japan. I think LiJ sound better on the Viva la Vida Tour, but I might be wrong. I'm open for debating. Everyone sing along to The Scientist ("I don't want you to stop singing", says Chris, and we continue singing), and then comes Yellow - with an amazing acoustic beginning. It actually sounds a bit like Swallowed in the Sea in the start, before Chris sings the first verse in a low key. We love it, everybody love it. Violet Hill might be the best song ever written, and it's even better live. This is awesomeness. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face isn't changed since last tour, and I'm grateful - 'cause the new intro is so good. On Princess of China they are joined by Rihanna on the screen, and if I should critizise anything, this might be it. Let Coldplay do the job, god damnit. Let Chris sing. I would prefer they did an old classic instead of Up In Flames, but it's a nice song though. And they DO an old classic with Warning Sign, which is lovely live. A Hopeful Transmission is turned into Don't Let It Break Your Heart, which is a live favourite. And then it's Viva la Vida time. Will I ever get tired of that song? I don't think so, and 50.000 danes will agreed with me. It's party, and it's even more party with Charlie Brown, my favourite for tonight. Chris is lying on the floor now, completely exhausted, but he gets up again, and steal a key and takes a car et cetera. Whoa. Everything explodes. Paradise follows, as good as ever. The boys say thanks, and disappear. Returns in the back of the stadium, doing Us Against the World and Speed of Sound acoustic. I love it, especially SoS. Will gets a pleasant round of applauce for his vocals on UATW, and then they come back to the main stage. Clocks reigns, Fix You explodes, and then it's teardrop time. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. Oh God. I don't want it to quit. --- No surprises in the set list, as you can see. What I missed? Spies would be fantastic. Everything's Not Lost as well. And I would give anything to hear Don Quixote aka Spanish Rain live. But I know it's too much to ask for.
  5. I love it, and I belive both "new" and "old" Coldplay-fans will get what they want. Yeah, it is a new style - but still, I think the low key songs are really classic Coldplay. It ain't no Parachutes, and I'm glad it isn't. I love Parachutes, but Coldplay have evolved. This is so good, and they better come to my country as soon as possible.
  6. I didn't like ETIAW at once, but it has grown on me throughout the summer, and I love it. Paradise is just huge. The band has changed quite a bit musically since the Parachutes days, and so has my taste. This was what I wanted. This is paradise :)
  7. I really would love a copy, if available! I went to the show in Oslo in sept '08, way too early :)
  8. Viva la Vida 69 + Strawberry Swing 50 Life in Technicolor 46 Warning Sign 37 Cemeteries of London 36 The Scientist 29 Politik 28 Lovers in Japan 27 Death and All His Friends 24 Violet Hill 21 Amsterdam 21 Yellow 19 In My Place 14 Lost! 12 - A Rush of Blood to the Head 9
  9. chris actually said to me that they we're gonna do the "Viva la Vida *" featuring Eminem! Totally true!
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