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  1. I'm actually not sure on the entire story. This was actually the first version I found, so when I listened to all of X&Y for the first time, I was confused by the album version of talk haha. All I know is that they scrapped the entire first version of the X&Y album and started fresh at one point. I believe this version of Talk was on that version of the album.
  2. Yeah this is the first version of Talk that was on the first version of the X&Y album. If you come across any other other versions from X&Y (highly unlikely), please share! Thanks for this though 🙂
  3. Ahh I remember this! Really wish there was an official DVD release for the Viva era 😞
  4. Same. I love Foo Fighters and would love to hear Chris do a full cover on his own.
  5. Yeah I think he has it, but is just messing with people and looking for attention.
  6. I hear a bit more than the first snippet though. At the end you can hear "heart is a volcano".
  7. Brah either share it or don't. No need to keep teasing for months on end.
  8. Are you me? I literally had the same experience haha. Graduated in 2012.
  9. Yeah I think April is too soon. My bet is June to September. Would love to be proven wrong though!
  10. Check here for all of them: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_PT2dt0uqfhSnpjWnpQc2RhaUE?usp=sharing
  11. No worries! I actually missed it when watching the film for the first time in the theater. I then freaked out when I saw the title at the end haha. And just trying to contact anyone who may have it.
  12. 1 hr 3 mins and 25 seconds in.
  13. Maybe... currently looking into some stuff. But yeah it would be great if Coldplay just released it lol.
  14. Ohhh in that snippet. Yeah that sounds like Merry Clayton to me. Would make sense because they were working with her during AHFOD.
  15. So I actually reached out to someone and found out that the song may actually have never sold... Not sure who to believe at this point though haha. And where is there a female vocal in there?
  16. Someone on Twitter also pointed out that Cry Cry Cry is starting to get added to radio playlists, so the video for that may indeed be coming very soon. Hopefully Trouble In Town follows shortly after.
  17. Those weren't real fans my dude. They were autograph hunters who followed him in their car to get stuff signed to then sell on eBay.
  18. Maybe you just listened too much? I know I myself have done that with a lot of songs. I usually take a break and then come back to rediscover them.
  19. Thank you and absolutely! I'm working on Trouble in Town now and will definitely be doing a lot more from the album.
  20. I like it! Has some great ambience to it.
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