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  1. I think the average person / non-fan will look at this collab and say it's a sellout and or cash grab but I genuinely don't think it is. Will it be a smash hit and sell an incredible amount? Yes. But that doesn't mean the band have sold out. If this collab was a natural and organic one, which it seems like it was, then I have no problem with it. I doubt it will be my favorite Coldplay song, but I am looking forward to it and I honestly like what I have heard so far!
  2. It's a nice beat and I like Chris' melodies. It's clearly an unpolished demo/idea and you can tell he was trying to come up with lyrics. I think people are too harsh on it lol. It actually fits well right after Army of One.
  3. The amount of likes they have gotten is insane. This song will be break records for sure.
  4. It's amazing! To me is sounds like V1 is from sometime during the GS era and V2 is from early on in the AHFOD era. The female voice is Merry Clayton, who provided backing vocals for some songs on AHFOD (AOAL + Up&Up). So this version is probably a version before the one we hear in the doc. I really hope they end up releasing it this era.
  5. I own most on vinyl as well as CD's but to be honest I am not sure what all the hype is around vinyl's. Yeah they look cool but they sound terrible. Idk maybe I just have a bad record player but I recently bought a new one and all the records I tried kept skipping. Plus there is a constant static noise. I'd rather just listen on a CD/streaming lol.
  6. Yeah sorry to crush your hopes but it has always been this way and always will be. If anything though it's beneficial to us because it could be a track they wouldn't have included on the album in the first place.
  7. Ooooh that's an interesting idea! Re-worked songs that are changed to sound like they came from The Spheres...
  8. This is a pretty noteworthy event: October 15, 1997: NASA launched Cassini, beginning the spacecraft's long journey to Saturn. Cassini reached Saturn’s orbit in July 2004 and has been used to collect data on the planet’s composition, rings, moons and atmosphere. The launch vehicle used was a Titan IVB with a Centaur upper stage. Source: https://www.nasa.gov/exploration/thismonth/this_month_oct_07.html
  9. Oh yeah I know we will see three releases. I was just saying I wonder if the YouTube branding and the countdown at the beginning of Higher Power (3-2-1 instead of the usual 4-3-2-1) was a hint at 3 volumes before we found out through Chris' note.
  10. Just posted this on Twitter, but figured I'd share here as well: I just saw a Reddit post that made me think of something... The branding on Coldplay's YouTube channel is the number 1 in Kaotican, and the album kicks off with Higher Power which counts down from 3... were these teasers for 3 volumes or am I reading too much into it? 😅
  11. I can see another part 2 to the album. They kind of did that with Everyday Life. Plus they usually cut down songs when making the final tracklisting, so I could see them saving another 10 or so tracks for a volume 2. After seeing that 2nd symbol though, I am thinking it is only two volumes and maybe this is what they were referring to at the end of the AHFOD doc...
  12. I haven't listened to it myself yet but my fear is that it sounds like Chris featuring on another song. That's what most Coldplay Pop songs sound like. I can't really get angry though because the band sign off on everything, so if it's what they want then so be it. I don't have high expectations for the song but hopefully it charts well for them. If not, then they should see a continuing trend here 😅
  13. I am thinking we will see more tracks from these worlds in future volumes.
  14. I love this idea to be honest. Final album and then a big collectors box set. Brilliant!
  15. Thank you for saying that. I want to temper my expectations just in case. So two 3 track EP's it is then lol
  16. I thought the same thing at first but now it appears we have 3 volumes containing at least 10 tracks each! I posted this on Twitter, but here is my theory: 2021 - Volume 1 2022 - Volume 2 2023 - Volume 3 2024 - FFTF (Coldplay's final album / possibly a collection of unreleased material) Chris mentioned recently that they knew how many more albums they wanted to do. This would give them 10 LP's, a nice even number. Then from there they could just tour and release singles whenever they wanted.
  17. I haven't listened to any snippets myself but in regards to the different musical styles - it would make sense with Chris saying this is how they imagine music sounding on different planets. Glad we will be hearing different styles and not just pop! Edit: also I heard that The Race isn't featured in the snippets. I am still optimistic about them getting that out someday. Phil has talked about it too much recently for them to just drop it. He knows that a lot of fans want it, so hopefully it's a hidden track or on an EP down the line.
  18. It's an album preview on a Chinese site. My guess is we will start seeing them pop up in other parts of the world in the next few hours.
  19. I like Dua honestly. Probably one of the better pop artists today.
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