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  1. COLDPLAY IS STOPPING?! Hello everybody I just discovered on a site of a quite reliable (Belgian) Newspaper that Chris Martin announced that Coldplay will stop. Their planning to stop because chris says that rockers shouldn't be old. "Over 33 years old" Chris himself is 31. They'll continue and they'll stop at the end of next year NAME OF THE SITE http://www.hln.be I didn't post this at Important annoucenments, because apparentely I couldn't post anything there. Yes people The greatest band ever is going to stop .. .. :cry: Let's hope they'll still give
  2. Yow Ik ben Jelle Deltombe uit West - Vlaanderen en vroeg me ff af of er Belgen op Coldplaying.com zaten :p En ja; natuurlijk het prachtige concert in Antwerpen met de eerste keer Glass Of Water Wat een eer voor de Belgen :p Groe(n)tjes!
  3. **The Perv Unit is not responsible for any health related conditions that may occur as a result of viewing this thread. Thank you.** I can't help it that sentence owns
  4. Lol, that last one, LovingChris, though sunglasses ain't it! :P
  5. Eh What about eeum Absolutely? :D
  6. Wow then the question wasn't that stupid xDD Grr; if I won't make it to Coldplay next year, grrrr xD My mom won't refuse I guess; Ive been whining about it all week :-)
  7. Hehe ty guys I've got one question though This might sound stupid but... When will the tour dates for next year be released? Because I missed their show yesterday (Antwerp) And I realllyyyyyy wanna see them live ASAP :P
  8. Someone help me? Yow guys Just a question: When will the tour dates for 2009 be released Or have they already been released? I don't really know and I'm kinda too lame to look it up lmao... So if they released it already; could you give me a link or tell me when their coming to Belgium? Thanks fella's
  9. Hehe; when you type in Coldplay - Lost? or Lost! you find my video first :P The one with the picture of VIVA on it! Go check it out!
  10. Yow C0ldplayers :-) I've been a fan for like 3 years now (as i'm only 16 years old; that's a lot xD) I live in Belgium and tonight they are coming to Antwerp I've been depressed all week because I can't go tonight. A friend of mine (I hope my future Girlfriend :P) is going and some teachers too... I'm soooo jealous Greetz Tuh :-)
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