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  1. HA HA HA! That had to be the lamest thing I have ever seen. I'm embarassed for Gwyneth.
  2. OMG That was probably the lamest thing I've ever seen but at the same time it's soooo sweet. LMFAO! Chris said : "Your cup size went from an A to a D, it's bad for you, but fun for me" and then he winked at the camera. HA HA HA HA! That is hilarious. "I ain't no baddie, I ain't no baddie, I ain't no baddie, I'm your baby's daddy" hahaha!!!!! :lol: :lol:
  3. Okay I know a lot of people hate her and she's got this fucked up persona. But who likes the MUSIC? I think it rocks! I've got her new album America's Sweetheart and it is so good. Every song rocks! I am also a huge Hole fan. Live Through This is a damn good album, one of my favorites.
  4. I don't care if you guys hate Courtney Love. I think she rocks she's got problems ofcourse but her music kicks @$$. I love it! Hole's Live Through This is one of the best albums I've heard. Doll Parts is one of the best songs. I'm gonna buy her new cd America's Sweetheart too I've heard it it rocks! Nice to see a true female rocker!
  5. the Foos did the best performance! They kicked ass.
  6. Record of the Year!!! That's big, the biggest award they have won so far. Will even got a laugh. And Chris hell yeah about the John Kerry comment! They certainly deserved it everyone was shocked. I'm sorry but Justin and Beyonce just didn't deserve it, so there!
  7. deidrab1985

    They won!

    Will was funny. He got a laugh. And Chris was direct in saying we dedicate this to Johnny Cash and John Kerry who hopefully will be your president one day!! Ha ha! THe best acceptance speech! Hell yeah about John Kerry!
  8. Come on fat boys lets see if you can catch up with me?!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Chris acts like such an idiot sometimes
  9. you guys use too many damn smileys!! Damnit it's damn annoying.
  10. awww!!! those baby's are sooo cute thank God you didn't post the Conan O Brien "If they mated" pics.
  11. Chris needs to calm the fuck down and realize that he married and impregnated a famous movie star so ofcourse he is going to be hounded, he should just try to ignore them like most people do that go through the same thing. He's only provoking them even more. My God! It's getting ridiculous I agree with what Sting said "Don't punch anybody, it will only cause a bigger fuss" he said or something like that.
  12. wait! are there any other stories on this? I only see this one source. Why isn't it all over the press by now?
  13. I wouldn't blame Chris for doing that only if the camera guy was causing some kind of physical harm to Gwyneth, I mean she's pregnant. or if the photographer was disrespecting Gwyneth then he has the right to do that. But if he's just snapping photos I don't know..
  14. OMG!!! Chris needs anger management! He should have known papparazzi were going to be after them even more now. And why did he key the car? THat seems kinda silly to me but it is cool that he punched the guy in the face though. LOL! And people go on and on about how good he is and how boring he is and 'anti-rock star' hmmm...
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