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  1. could u post the tabs for the whole song cause i need them =D
  2. how can say that the holes you posted are correct? =S 7 = 5 , 8 = 6 , 6 = 4 these are the right holes.
  3. i wish if there was a detailed tab of jonny's part when chris sings "people always told me be careful what u do...etc" and the part where chris goes ohohh. you know what i mean
  4. look for a gibson acoustic guitar. great quality!
  5. yeah i'd like the scans too. i have the parachutes tab book if anyone wants me to scan it but I'd like to see VLV tab book first!!!!!!
  6. Does anyone know the chords and the riffs played in coldplay's cover of billie jean?
  7. Can someone re upload Ladder to The Sun again please? All the other links are dead.
  8. A wolf at the door - radiohead sparks - coldplay ........
  9. check this italian dude out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjevlCuYWzw&feature=channel_page

  10. negramaro are pretty close to coldplay. except they are italian
  11. Does anyone know any band or song that is similar to coldplay's style of music?
  12. Can someone tab out the vocals on any coldplay song? (Maybe yellow?)
  13. they have sizes too for the bracelets? I received mine a while ago but I didnt know there were sizes to choose. Whats my size of bracelets then?
  14. if you have x & y and viva la vida tab books i can scan the book for you =P
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