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  1. Wow, I can’t believe I was right! I haven’t listened to the album yet but this just became my most anticipated song... although I’m going to be an emotional wreck listening to it I’m sure...
  2. Yeah Apple Music is Apple's streaming service which uses iTunes files - I'm not an expert but the tracks are presumably given to Apple from the label directly and put up for purchase/streaming through iTunes and Apple Music. So I'd say it's a 99% chance to be official (unless they change it before release, which is highly unlikely!)
  3. I commented this on reddit but I thought it would be relevant here - I noticed that two other members of Frightened Rabbit are credited on Apple Music - Simon Liddell and Andy Monaghan. The other members aren’t credited, which leads me to believe there could be something from Scott’s Owl John record on this song, as they both helped out with producing and writing that record too. Maybe it’s some of Scott’s lyrics from that album? Any tribute to Scott will be incredible, I’m so excited for this song!
  4. I might be wrong but I think the "Cry Cry Cry" bit came from this song from the '60s. The song is credited to both Bert Berns and Jerry Ragovoy, and they both appear as composers when you look at Cry Cry Cry on Apple Music (alongside the four members of the band and Jacob Collier, who we knew about already). () Obviously it doesn't sound exactly the same but it must be enough of a sample/interpolation or inspiration that they've credited the writers anyway (as they're both deceased). Also how cool is it that they're looking to Soul music for inspiration!
  5. Ahh, it doesn't come out for 8 days here in Australia, so I'm caving to my first ever leak (I did download Coldplay's leak, but couldn't bring myself to listen to it!)... But oh well! Can't wait to listen to it!
  6. New album is really good, almost best of the year for me!
  7. I agree with Citizen Kane ^, definitely "A Message". Possibly my favourite, and it's not acknowledged by so many due to the common view that X&Y is their weakest album. Also "High Speed" and "Twisted Logic", they're underrated too. And any B side, like "Brothers and Sisters 2", "A Spell A Rebel Yell", the list goes on! We need a poll!
  8. Awesome article, which I'm sure I'd appreciate more if I understood the technical jargon!
  9. Parallax by Atlas Sound is amazing, so intricate! And if you want a mainstream rock/pop band, NZ's Midnight Youth - World Comes Calling is good too!
  10. They must hire some random person to write the lyrics while they listen to the album, because some of these are so wrong.... (Or maybe they're right! Noooo!)
  11. Hey, I'm no MX lover, so I'm not defending it - I'm just saying much of the review's criticisms are due to it not being 'classic Coldplay', which IMO shouldn' be the basis of the review. The album should be reviewed on its own merits (or lack thereof), which I believe this review doesn't do enough of. Not everyone is a rabid MX fan, I'm just trying to critically analyse the review.
  12. Seems like a weird review, if you ask me - he fails to see much good in the chart pop music he mentions, and that assumption weighs down the review. " I am left questioning Mylo Xyloto’s preservation of what stands to be signature Coldplay" That seems pretty biased to me, as if he was expecting an album more akin to Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the head. His constant mentions of "classic Coldplay" seem to miss the point of the album as a significant step forward, IMO. Sure, he's allowed to like "Classic Coldplay", but he shouldn't assume that's what the fans want and therefore the
  13. Oh my God, I just discovered Deerhunter via "Desire Lines"! One of the best songs ever! Listening to "Halcyon Digest" now, it's amazing!
  14. It's weird, I'd say the blue cover is the best for my itunes, but when I got the real CD, the silver MX cover looked awesome, mainly because it complements well with the colour on the side of the front (where it says COLDPLAY MYLO XYLOTO), Side note: Oh yeah, I hate how the spine is written upside down. I have like 60 CDs and it's one of only 3 CDs that are written upside down in my case. SO ANNOYING!
  15. http://www.ariacharts.com.au/pages/charts_display.asp?chart=1G50 It's gone Gold, which is 35000 units plus! That's awesome in Australia!
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