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  1. i dont hate it anymore. its different but its still good in its own way. i just got to tune the live version out lol
  2. seriously... before i had the album i liked the song but its like on the album it just piss me off because i constantly have to skip it lol. i just want to delete it from my music library because its fucking up the rotation
  3. oh i just fucking love this song! cant get enough! i should try to stop listening so i wont tire of it
  4. I havent even analyzed the lyrics, but the music+Chris vocals are so sexy. I cant recall a CP song being as sexy as "All Your Friends". Any others? I think the beginning of X&Y is pretty hot. I like this kind of sound from Coldplay. I think Coldplay should experiment with going a little darker. :devil:
  5. cant stop listening. reminds me of prospekts march/ poppyfields from prospekts march, equally as beautiful
  6. this song is good but dont fit with the rest to me. shouldve been a bonus track but im sure itll do well on the charts
  7. my first listen i didnt like it. maybe bc i played out the songs played live and released already that i liked. i was also disappointed bc my fave song i heard live [anothers arms] was a miss with the studio version which made me feel some kind of way (esp because this occurred last album for me with major minus). that was 2 days ago. i needed to listen with earphones to appreciate this album and i did today. im loving it now (or more like the same 3 or 4 songs m stuck on). repeat button raped. been listening for hours at a time. the deluxe edition is a must imo i still feel like im yearni
  8. a whole fucking year. ugh! ill deal though. i hate waiting years for new music from them. should be a treat
  9. i love this song. make me feel carefree
  10. Im bummed out but i understand. Ive been dying to see Coldplay because I missed the last tour and I was listening to this album all day thinking how awkward Id feel going to this concert with the person I planned on bringing with me. Im a bit sad though. Could be that I keep looping O too lol
  11. ugh! hated it! i hate when the live versions make the songs sound better. i was equally as disappointed by the studio version of major minus. the most subtle things make the biggest differences
  12. Feel bad for the kids but I am happy for Chris because he seemed miserable for the longest. Goop gal seem insufferable and their ideals dont seem to mesh well from what ive seen. I dont know though. I really dont see how they ended up together in the first place. There wedding was a shotgun wedding, no? I think its funny people are so shocked. Speculation about turbulence in their relationship have been rampant for the past few years. Its only a separation though, so we'll see. Maybe they will work it out. Maybe not. I just hope some great music come out of it.
  13. grew on me! it was the least favorite of mine of the first three to come off this album. i love the ending the most
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