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  1. Thank you very much, you vmade my day. :angel:
  2. Hello boys and girls, As the title suggests I need help for a Coldplay related gift: a close friend of mine is not so much into Coldplay but for some reason too long (and private) to explain she has very good memorie attached to A Sky Full of Stars and she also past some hard stuff with Ghost Story and so that's why I'd like to give any kind of "physical" release of this songs that's the part that is giving me headache. They realesed: Ghost Stories (with ASFOS) no problem to find it but I want to keep it as last resort. Ghost Stories - Deluxe (both songs) but only in the US and I can
  3. I'm with Guy, he was surely right. :wacko:
  4. [MEDIA=twitter]724640099003162624[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/EstebanGtz/status/724640099003162624 A Sky Full of Stars is the favorite song of a F1 driver.
  5. I saw Noel Gallagher and MUSE this summer and they were really good and healty, so rock still has something to say. I believe that Coldplay now have nothing to say in their music, they should stop after this tour for a while, every group make shitty music at times but I think it's better to stop we you still are at the top. It's been a fun ride and it can always start again in a few years.
  6. One of the best song they have ever done, the final part of the song and the ending it's perfect, you're so pumped up and then it stop and you almost feel trolled, it makes me smile and I cannot wait to listen it live in a stadium, Jonny and Guy will have so much fun.
  7. The 2001 reference was pure gold. :laugh3:
  8. Army of One could finish on the "Chillwave" playlist on Spotify, it seems really cool.
  9. joseki


    It really have some The End vibes lol.
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