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  1. Here is my cover of FIX YOU, mates! Done with Korg Triton and Korg WAVESTATION; both VST Enjoy it! COLDPLAY - FIX YOU_2.mp4
  2. Thanks mate, and thanks to Xylobrite7 as well!
  3. please PM me to get the exact settings. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  4. You can ask GABRY1090 how to do that. In this case it would be easier for you to sample that sound, because is the original one, and not a MELODYNE DNA extraction. ( with all respect to the people who did that tremendous job ). CHEERS!
  5. I got that complete waves plugin bundle. These are exactly what you need. CHEERS! P.S.: Would you share the MP9000 samples with me? Send me a PM. Please!:) waves complete plugins torrent.zip
  6. I'm using: Yamaha YDP-141 Clavinova USB MIDI Cable Reason 5 》A Grand Piano 1.0 》Mastering Equalizing Passthrough
  7. Now that you're saying, I tried to modify so I could get that close-like piano sound.
  8. [MEDIA=soundcloud] [/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://soundcloud.com/pablo-lucero-gardella/coldplay-piano-medley-by-meclaxsonfor-coldplayingcom Unos snippets de algunas canciones de Coldplay. Un humilde tributo a esta banda. SALUDOS!!! Snippets of some Coldplay songs. A humble tribute to this band. Greetings!
  9. I think they should come to "Festival de Viña del Mar 2017 " in Chile. Please make an effort!! CHEERS
  10. Hi there, Finally I got in Radiohead Hub. Find me. My nickname is 'Technicolor'. There we can exchange coldplay lossless bootlegs. CHEERS!

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    2. claxson


      No hay problema, enviame la lista cuando puedas. mi correo es: [email protected] Saludos.

    3. gcm20


      Pablo olvidaste escribir la dirección de tú correo.

    4. claxson
  11. Hi notnokker. Thanks for downloading from my server, mate. By the way, I'd like to trade online. I got 216Gb of lossless audio to share with you. Is there possible? Waiting for you answer. CHEERS!

    1. notnokker


      Hi claxson, Thank you for uploading lossless Coldplay mate! Can you please sent me your tradelist? My Coldplay list is here: http://www.notnokker.com/coldplay.html I'm sure we can make a trade .. Cheers!

  12. I don't know if this must be published here but here it is my cover of "The Scientist" in case you want to see it. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThqkDiChB8o]THE SCIENTIST (Cover by The LCP Teacher) - YouTube[/ame] Hope you like it!
  13. Please, could you explain the process you did to get that? (That means software and other features). I'd really like to learn how to. :) CHEERS and BLESSINGS! :)
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