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  1. Hey Guys, I'm selling this T-shirt on ebay. It's from the Ghost Stories touring merch, size M and brand new. If anyone is interested,here's the link. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Official-Coldplay-merchandise-Ghost-Stories-T-shirt-size-M-/262515527594?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:GB:1123
  2. I was just stopping by and thought I should say hi..HI! :) PS I haven't been here for ages,feels so weird.

  3. "Bobby Womack and Damon Albarn were live in session yesterday on Lauren Laverne's show on BBC Radio 6 Music. Listen again to the session here and check out behind the scenes photos: [url=]http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01mxw23[/url] "
  4. I've got there before 8 (wanted to see if there was a chance to get in but then went home when I saw the queue) and there were 2 queues (1 with tickets, 1 without) and by that time they were up to Morrisons :S We might see eachother at a Spector gig :laugh3:
  5. (Yeap,I love Spector too. I discovered them when they supported Kaiser Chiefs. I have to admit when they came on stage I was like "wtf",then they started playing,Fred was being his usual self and I fell in love with them. :) I've only been to 4 of their shows yet. I missed the standing tickets for the November one...might need to ebay one later.)
  6. Yes,exactly! It was the same for Coldplay last year,first couple of rows were into it (actual fans who sweated blood to be there) and the rest was just standing/chatting..:angry:
  7. Wow,you managed to get a ticket?! Lucky you!! :) I entered every competition but wasn't lucky enough. (Nice avi btw, loving Fred :))
  8. I saw them in Hyde Park. :) They really were on fire! Such a great gig,glad I could go.
  9. Yeah,I love it when he yells it too!That's definitely the best part of Lover of the Light :) I love his voice so much! :heart:
  10. For me: 1. Babel 2. Lover of the Light 3. Ghosts That We Knew 4. I Will Wait 5. Lover's Eyes 6. Whispers in the Dark 7. Hopeless Wanderer 8. Below My Feet 9. Broken Crown 10. Holland Road 11. Reminder 12. Not With Haste But as you said, all of them are great! I'm especially looking forward to hear Babel live!
  11. I saw them yesterday at ROugh Trade East. I took a video,here it is: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMKtugebKdQ&list=HL1348610309&feature=mh_lolz]Mumford and sons - Ghosts That We Knew @Rough Trade East - YouTube[/ame] Sound quality is pretty bad at times (was recording with phone) and my hands were shaking a bit,so sorry about that :/ Is there anyone out there who is planning to come to their gig in December at the O2? :)
  12. :) Orulok,h jol erezted magad az elso CP koncerteden. Ha atkuldod a linket,majd meghallgatom akkor. A munchenit en is hallgattam a multkor,de szerintem sem volt egy nagyon jo koncert...sokat kellett noszogatni a kozonseget is. Nem Te/Ti voltal/voltatok,akik utana talalkoztak Guy-jal?
  13. Te is a pragain voltal? :)
  14. Ooh,Te is Angliaban? :) Hallottam,h nagyon jo koncert volt a pragai:) Oxfamek egy csomot tweeteltek,h micsoda jo kozonseg voltatok :wink3:
  15. I love this photo!! So cute!! :heart: Btw 'this guy' is Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs ;)
  16. Vlki megy Pragaba vagy Varsoba?
  17. Haha,egyet ertek :D Technikailag nekem is tetszik,csak a sztorin dolgozhattak volna egy kicsit tobbet,mert olyan semmilyen.:\ A magyarorszagi koncertrol egyelore semmi hir nincs,sot Phil (Harvey) utalt arra,mikor talalkozott Ian-nel (akie ez az oldal),h ha a turnenak vege,akkor egy ideig valoszinu nem fognak koncertezni,hanem dolgoznak az uj albumon,amirol pedig azt mondta,h vissza akarnak menni az eredeti hangzasukhoz. En ennek csak orulni tudok,de Phil is mondott mar sok mindent,ugyh majd latjuk,mi lesz belole... A turne meg biztos azert ki fog bovulni koncertdatumokkal,csak a kerdes az a
  18. Haha,egyetertek. Tortenet az nem sok van benne,de Chris jol nez ki benne,ugyh ez egy :thumbsup:
  19. Glad you've found your passport,must have been very stressful :S And yes,I'd also like to compliment on the security guys at Emirates,they were incredibly helpful and friendly throughout the whole weekend! :kiss:
  20. En meg itt vok,csak mikor utoljara felneztem,az en posztom volt az uccso januarrol :P Akkor dobjunk fel egy temat,hatha beindul: velemenyek a PoC videorol?
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