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  1. That is quite a review, bsquared. I would be flying down to Target right now Ito buy it if I hadn't already heard some of the songs. I'll go later. It's better than Mylo. I like the songs and I love Chris Martin's sultry voice, but the lyrics aren't very creative. Chris Martin could pick up a book at a insurance seminar and start singing it and I would be like "Yeah, baby"
  2. Colin Hanks was like Forrest Gump the psycho apocalypse serial killer. "The end of the world is here, what should we do Lt. Dan?"
  3. Anybody know whatever happened to them? Because, the truth is...I miss them! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNtkOSuck2M]Warning Sign - Coldplay Live Sessions @ AOL - YouTube[/ame]
  4. She does keep getting more annoying with forcing Dexter to have a conversation with her and Quinn keeps getting more gross.
  5. I can't listen to Paradise past the first chorus. "Para..Para..Paradise" doesn't sound like paradise, it sounds like being stuck in hell! It makes you want to hold your ears and yell "Make it stop!!". The only thing it's good for is interrogation. Have Barney the dinosaur sing Paradise, you'll get whatever you want out of them real fast!
  6. I wonder if Coldplay reads what people are saying about the new album? They released some songs and if they read what the majority of people are saying, it's not good. You will always have people that will trash you, but when the majority of fans that have loved your music for years is saying this is crap, maybe you should think twice about releasing it, if you want the people who buy your albums to buy your album. When Viva La Vida came out, the song hits you right away and it draws you in and you know it's going to be a great song. This album has none of that. When the bad reviews start comi
  7. From the previews, season 6 looks a little more exciting than last season. Last season was like listening to Every Tear Drop Is a Waterfall.
  8. Mylo Xyloto is The Godfather 3, sorry if I offended some people. I think they will sell more concert tickets than they will record sells. And who came up with the title Mylo Xyloto? Not exactly catchy or a title that will get people's attention.
  9. It doesn't mean your not a fan if you don't like this song and feel like they could do better. I heard it yesterday and wasn't impressed. It sounds the same as Lovers In Japan with different lyrics. I was expecting a new sound to go with the new album. Sorry, not their best.
  10. In his younger and hotter days. This scene was such a trip! [ame= ] [/ame]
  11. Dog Day Afternoon-9/10 Al Pacino was so hot back in the 70s, but now he just looks like a saggy old bulldog. He could be the poster child for "This is what years of drugs and alcohol will do to you. Just say no, kids!"
  12. That's my favorite movie, because Atlanta is my home town. I love Scarlett, she is always stalking Ashley and causing trouble. Imagine if she had Facebook.
  13. The show was so boring last night. When Billy Crystal came on everybody stood up and applauded like being at a boring party when suddenly the life of the party comes in. Even Justin Timerlake's face look like "Oh, thank god! Save this show!" Kirk Douglas was pretty funny, though.
  14. I never knew Gene Kelly did a movie where he wasn't singing and dancing.
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