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  1. Or does anyone have one that they are willing to sell? Would be happy to purchase for the value you feel it’s worth.
  2. Would anyone know where I’d pick up a copy of the Viva La Vida promo LP. I know it’s extremely rare but eager to grab one. Thanks in advance.
  3. Song just dropped on Apple Music ... E-Lo!
  4. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here ... I think sometime back during the Mylo era. Very excited to see what happens in the next 10 minutes!
  5. Yeah it has ... Missed the beginning of it , but caught near the end when Chris and Johnny where discussing how they met , (1996) 20 years ago next September. Clocks (live) playing now.
  6. Like the sound quality doesn't seem great. The snippets seem blurred! I thought it might be just the production on AHFOD, but it seems Birds is the same.
  7. These snippets... There filtered right??:thinking:
  8. Second that. Would appreciate a recording if anyone out there has one....
  9. Sorry if mentioned already...but from the snippet released yesterday, has it been confirmed by anyone that was at the video shoot in India that it's the same song?
  10. Love the artwork! I actually reckon this is the rear album cover. Tomorrows tease to replace the flower of life (black centrepiece) with the remainder of the cover - which includes the album track-list!
  11. Anyone thinking the single will be released in October but the album will not drop until 2016? Possibly January...? Looking at the releases for November you are going to have Justin Bieber , One Direction , Little Mix , Elle Goulding and maybe even Adele all with new album's. Just seems like a lot to me. I would rather see Coldplay release new music and get the attention it deserves , and not be overshadowed by other mainstream artists.
  12. I know Chris is singing the chorus, but is that really him on the verses?? :inquisitive:
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