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  1. I reckon Music Of The Spheres will be released on Friday 30 July, and will have 11-13 tracks
  2. I’m expecting something like this Higher Power Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Orphans Charlie Brown Fix You Viva La Vida Yellow Clocks Something Just Like This Sky Full Of Stars
  3. Omg that will be something you can remember forever if that is true
  4. Okay my highlight of the night actually took me by surprise, it was Amazing Day, the last minute of it Chris really threw his voice around the stadium, I just hope we have shown enough support for them to carry on after this tour, I really hope they do a second and possibly third leg to this tour in the UK, because I really wanted to take more videos but my phone kept running out of memory, if they split up after this I will be like a teenage girl when Take That split up for the first time.
  5. I don't know about you guys, but I got a real shock on Sunday Night, I got there thoroughly expecting Fix You or Up and Up to be my favourite song of the night, neither of them were, can you guess what it was?, it was either A Head Full Of Dreams, Clocks, or Amazing Day.
  6. What is the view from the M/N entrance I'm planning to leave home near Gatwick Airport around 2.45pm tomorrow, those are the allocated gates I have.
  7. I think it's just Reef and Lianne De Havas for tonight and tomorrow night
  8. Yay looks like I've got an M or N entrance for tomorrow, really looking forward to it, I've got unreserved seating/ pitch standing , I sort of hope they have a couple of surprises for us as it is the last night of the UK tour.
  9. I seriously hope that there is a music video for this, it's such a great song, but it could be that they have recorded a brand new song to be the official Olympic song, and they are trying to get to Brazil.
  10. I am secretly hoping we may get a bit of a longer set list tomorrow evening, as it says they are due on at 8pm, and it has been 8.30pm Wednesday, Thursday, and tonight, come on guys you know we are expecting an amazing set list to end the UK tour tomorrow night. I will be there.
  11. I ordered mine on November 29, and they have been with me since around May 9. I've got unreserved seating for 19 June.
  12. Only 7 days left for me, I cannot wait now, it will be my dream concert if they do either Talk, or White Shadows, I want there to be an eighth album.
  13. I reckon there could be massive announcement at one of the Wembley shows, and I reckon it might be we are going to record a new album, I just hope there is a shock in the set list when they get to Wembley.
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