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  2. close thread? I'll leave it alone for a couple of days to allow for any comments or appeals, and then will ask Ian to close this thread. We had fun and now it's up to someone else to take the initative for plans for the July 23rd 2012 date. My fan habits have evolved. It was new for me to join such a site as this. I enjoy the company of other Coldplayers and I'll visit from time to time. I understand that the first 20 rows in ther front floor section are reserved for "deluxe" package deals. Can anyone confirm this? BTW I have my tickets :smug: Section 118 Row 26 See you th
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. sooner That would be cool, though I'm quietly hoping for an earlier date even though there has been a conspicuous silence about a tour following the festival gigs.
  5. 2012? I've stopped predicting when we might see them again in Toronto, but I think 2012 is a safe bet. Lot's of ideas from MX to work with now. Let the ideas flow!
  6. sad news So sad to hear this news, but life goes on and I wish them all the best. Collapse Into Now is a great final album.
  7. Thanks Thanks for scanning and posting this Ian. I particularly liked the reference to Will the "Silverback" ! LOL
  8. Even if you're not a Rogers customer, I think you can still enter the contest for the VIP package. I, for one, will be ready at the refresh button at 11am on Sept. 12th to see if I can scoop a piece of this opportunity.
  9. I like it! Erick: I love your tat' and I really appreciate your explanation of what the phrase means to you. My interpretation is similar: (I know this isn't the 'meanings thread' but) I'd rather be someone whose way of living gives people pause for thought on their personal/social journeys, than someone who stops people on that journey. Long time no talk - I trust all is well with you! Read your review of the LA concert. Bravo!
  10. should I go? Hey Chicago folks - I'm thinking of coming to Lollapalooza. It will require a 12 hour bus ride each way, but I have a friend I can stay with in Chicago. My indecision is about the length of time between staking a spot on the frounds and when the concert starts, especially if it is a really hot day. I'm an older fan (57) and my tolerance for heat isn't what it used to be. Also, I would be coming on my own. Can anyone who is going offer any reassurance, and maybe some company during the wait? I need to make a decision before one-day tickets go on sale tomorrow. EDIT:
  11. Life Is For Living I'm really looking forward to hearing more of the new songs (studio versions) but am thrilled to see an old favourite,Life is For Living, back on a setlist! Thanks for all the reviews and clips!
  12. Now I get it - Thanks Sue.

  13. Hi! You haven't done anything wrong. :nice: It's just that you weren't referring to anything else than the quote so it hasn't been edited to change the quote but has been deleted altogether. Don't worry!

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