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  1. where can i download the show? :)
  2. happy birthday to Chris Martin, the most amazing man on Earth. :heart:
  3. no, not really (well, apart from promise to myself i will eat less chocolate and candies, but i never do it :uhoh: :lol:). to be honest, last year i swore i wouldn't make resolutions again because if i really want or need to do something, then i won't wait for new year to come. :P don't know if i was clear enough :uhoh:

  4. I'm hoping that 2012 will be much better as well. Have you made any New Year's Resolutions?

  5. cool! :) i spent christmas with my mum's family too, i really enjoyed it. i got a lot of presents :D and i also ate a lot :P i wish you a happy new year. :nice: my 2011 was sh**ty, i really hope 2012 will be better. :)

  6. I'm actually in Ohio at the moment visiting my mom's side of the family. Christmas was amazing! How was yours?

  7. thank you, i'm so excited! :D glad to know you'll see them live too :nice: so, what are you going to do for Christmas? :santa: i'll just celebrate it with my family.

  8. That's awesome! I'm so happy for you! You finally get to see the boys again! I should be seeing them in July in Georgia!

  9. well every time i listen to mylo xyloto i always skip it :/ btw YES! :D in may, i just can't wait! :dance: i havent been to a coldplay concert since 2008, now it's time to see them again live! :D what about you?

  10. Princess of China isn't half bad either! The song is growing on me. Are you going to see Coldplay some time soon?

  11. i was getting worried too! but right now i'm addicted to mx. :D i don't actually have a favourite song, it changes every day. the four "u" songs are the best to me. :D

  12. U.F.O and Don't Let It Break Your Heart are my favorite songs right now. I'm really happy that the album turned out to be great! I was getting worried there for a second!

  13. thank you LauCH for all those pics, now i just have to choose which one will be my new desktop background. :D about the video with Ellen: well, i would kill someone to be that close to him. :sneaky: :P
  14. i haven't seen this vid in ages, so thank you for posting this. i don't even have words to describe how much i love this song. i wish i could go back in 2002/03 and listen to it live. :) these pics are for you jeremyy, because you brought joy in my heart tonight. :)
  15. this. i love him so much. :embarrassed::heart::rolleyes:
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