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  1. love white shadows, x&y and low!
  2. if i'm not mistaken that's Narita Airport's duty free shop bag.
  3. I like GS the only thing i hate is A Sky Full of Stars. Maybe if I still care about or believe in music elitism, I'd hate it because it's avicii but now it's just boils down to it being a sore thumb and breaks the whole sound of the album. Even Will, Guy and Jonny felt that way (based on the interview for GS TV Special, even Chris admitted it). For me, "All Your Friends" should have been included and not ASFoS. As for Radiohead, they're a more superior band than Coldplay obviously. And to compare them to Coldplay isn't fair to either parties. Still my fave band is Coldplay.
  4. Yeah. Lhuna for me is the sexiest song, Yes is a close second :)
  5. AROBTTH>VLV or DAAHF> Parachutes> GS, X&Y>MX. Definitely love GS more than MX . MX is just too loud and all over the place (at least for me it is) but of course there are also songs that I love from the album (Hurts Like Heaven, Charlie Brown, UATW, MM and UFO). And come to think of it GS is more of a "concept album" than MX.
  6. Pitchfork has always been a supporter of Coldplay's grandiose, experimental and bombastic albums than the smaller and quieter ones (well except X&Y). Talking into account their ratings for VLVDAAHF and MX (6-7 rating). Ghost Stories is no exception to this mindset.
  7. I think no matter how good Coldplay albums are, people will nitpick because it all boils down to "It's cool to hate Coldplay". So let's just celebrate that the band released a new album and because after all is said and done, Coldplay will still be Coldplay and haters will still be haters. Yes?
  8. matti


    love this song. Reminds me of I Bloom Blaum. :)
  9. love that they included A Rush of Blood to the Head. (love the Live 2003 version than the album version)
  10. true. i wish the band clears it up once they release the album or we could ask the oracle perhaps. :)
  11. thanks :) so apparently... "Midnight" is the color song.
  12. I find this odd and a loss because it's mainstay of a Coldplay album. :( don't know if this has been discussed.
  13. what a dead giveaway! shoes and pants!
  14. Gave it 8/10. Love the song but as many had said, could have been better (maybe because it's short?, but that's just me) Fantastic second half and.. Go Jonny Go! .
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