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  1. Chris - "....but I think Jonny is probably the band member that creeps me out the most."
  2. Haven't posted in awhile, it's great to be back! I listened to the album last night, heard it 3 times already through today. Dark, gritty, organic, progressive, atmospheric....it's like VLV and Ghost Stories with more social commentary, but not overly political which is great in my book. Favorites: Church, Arabesque, Broken, Everyday Life I'm sure that list will change soon, as I'm slowly getting used to the other songs too. Quite experimental and unusual, which I love. Hopefully the band will pick a few from this album to play live when the next "proper" one comes out next year, t
  3. Jonny - "Will, our flies are open!" Will - "Just look natural....just look natural...."
  4. I recorded the show with an old digital audio recorder. Quality is so-so, but still fun to listen to. Uploading it to YouTube now: Enjoy!
  5. Thanks for the mobile tip ! Worked perfectly. We're in section 337. Here's our view from the stands (you can see yours too at: http://dallascowboys.io-media.com/web/index.html) I drew in the stage LOL: [ATTACH=full]3772[/ATTACH]
  6. I found some $179 ones but they were at the back. Gave them up to try for others, nothing. :( Keep trying throughout the day and weekend. Sometimes venues release seats based on promoter sales, givebacks and so forth. Sometimes they hold seats back until general sales. I don't understand their methodology but it does happen. Don't give up friends!
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