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  1. R.I.P. Coldplay The first album i won't pre-order.
  2. Four years later.... :D I think the Tuning Chris uses in the video is Open G. First Chord: D---0-- B---7/8-- G---0-- D---9-- G---9-- D---8-- This sounds exactly like the Chord Chris plays. I haven't figured out all the other chords, but you can slide the neck up or down and will find one or two chords that will also fit to the song.
  3. so its in standard tuning and the chords that i know are : 7----9------5 9----11----7 9----11----7 8----9-----6 0----0-----0 0----0-----0
  4. i don't know all the chords but some of them. i'll post them tomorrow ;)
  5. WOW!! AMAZING please join my band :D
  6. Hey Nayelli, thank you so much for your answer! I am happy you received my card :) Two days ago I saw coldplay in cologne and they were amazing!!! too bad that you have to wait so long to see them. have a very merry christmas as well !! greets from the other side of the world :)

  7. Hi Ttristan! Thank you so much for the beautiful card, I receive it today...you made my week...! I'm really glad you're seeing Coldplay before Christmas...! I'll have to wait till summer of 2012, hopefully one day before my birthday! Till then I'll still enjoying the album. Have a very Merry Christmas...! Lots of love, Nayelli.

  8. thank you !! :) i think i will post a link on my facebook page. really great work. let us know when you have done something new please ;)
  9. watching the video right now oh boys how i love coldplay and this site :)))))))) i can't wait for thursday to see them live. this could be paradise :)
  10. WOW !! this is brilliant can i download it anywhere?
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