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  1. Am I alone in thinking that this is one of Chris' best lyrics of all time? I think it's a cracking line!
  2. Hi there, I could put down some electric guitar for you if you're still needing some help!
  3. Charlie Brown (Live in Buenos Aires) vs Lost?
  4. Hi guys, I have a lot of thoughts about the album which I'd like to share- apologies if this is in the wrong place. I thought an individual thread would make sense because this is going to be pretty lengthy! 'Sunrise' is undoubtedly a beautiful opener to the album, and sets the tone really well for what is it to come. However, I've always found the opening tracks of Coldplay albums to be amongst my favourite (especially Politik- one of the best things they've ever done in my opinion), and perhaps the most crucial track of every album. I'm completely aware that this album was intentionally m
  5. I really think it is. There have been a couple of cases of an instrument being noticeably loud and then turned down straight away. They would have fixed that in the mix if this wasn't live. The screen thing was just one song recorded yesterday (I'd imagine), I'm pretty sure the rest is live
  6. It blows me away that this is live. Music-video-quality production/visuals on every track. So SO good.
  7. DADGAD is an alternative guitar tuning, with the strings tuned to DADGAD instead of EADGBE :)
  8. The fact that Champion of the World is inspired by Scott Hutchison (Owl John/Frightened Rabbit) fills me with so many emotions. A beautiful track and so nice to see a nod to one of the best songwriters the UK has produced. Rest easy, Scott.
  9. Anyone else noticed the frequency with which the confetti on Chris' face disappears/reappears in Yellow/ETIAW? It's driving me crazy...
  10. I personally absolutely love the new clip. Sure, the editing is a tiny bit jarring at times, but I feel like it really captures the pure elation of that part of the set. As a side note- A Head Full of Dreams has possibly become one of my favourite Coldplay songs, and I never used to be that much of a fan. Love it!
  11. So an object seen in the music video for All Your Friends is used in the actual song's music video? Or is it in the lyrics of All Your Friends?
  12. Could someone help me out and (using spoilers, obviously) tell me what happened in the post-credit scene? It’s a long story but basically someone in front of me in the cinema threw up near the end and I had to get out! Seems like I missed something important!
  13. I know we're all allowed to have our own opinions but seeing AROBTTH, Amsterdam and Swallowed in the Sea on your list makes my heart cry. I need to go and lie down in a dark room now. Thanks Jordanator :oops:;)
  14. Oh boy this is a controversial thread! I'm now going to stoke the fire a little bit... I'll go album by album. Parachutes- There's nothing I dislike strongly enough to mention, but it isn't my favourite album. AROBTTH- Absolutely perfect, and I'll hear no different. X and Y- Speed of Sound has always bugged me. Far too similar to Clocks and just feels lazy (apart from Jonny's guitar- I have a soft spot for that) The Hardest Part- I honestly can't give a reason for disliking it, it just doesn't sit well with me melodically. Maybe it's a bit jarring at times? That said, I really d
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