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  1. You can just tell how much Chris has been dying to perform properly again. I've never seen him this fired up!
  2. Also love Chris' patch paying tribute to the Manchester Arena attack ❤️
  3. That song is beautiful! Sounds very Jacob Collier-inspired!
  4. So MOTS confirmed- and Chris is sounding on top form!
  5. I'll also add that the lyrics don't stand out as being so bad in the context of the song. Sure, they aren't incredible but the melody is so strong that it makes up for them. Also, bonus points for choreographed Chris!
  6. I absolutely love it. Is it the AROBTTH Coldplay that I'll always love the most? No. Is it the most creative thing they've ever released? Definitely not. But it's full of colour and joy, and I feel like they've perfected the whole very well produced pop thing now. I was smiling the whole way throughout that, and as long as music makes me feel something then I'm all for it. Welcome back boys.
  7. I literally cannot get Higher Power out of my head, and that's just a 20 second snippet. This song is going to be absolutely huge.
  8. I can imagine 'Alien Radio' being the opening track of the album. Something instrumental with a montage of the clips we've heard on the AlienRadio website. Setting the tone for the whole album perhaps?
  9. Am I alone in thinking that this is one of Chris' best lyrics of all time? I think it's a cracking line!
  10. Hi there, I could put down some electric guitar for you if you're still needing some help!
  11. Charlie Brown (Live in Buenos Aires) vs Lost?
  12. Hi guys, I have a lot of thoughts about the album which I'd like to share- apologies if this is in the wrong place. I thought an individual thread would make sense because this is going to be pretty lengthy! 'Sunrise' is undoubtedly a beautiful opener to the album, and sets the tone really well for what is it to come. However, I've always found the opening tracks of Coldplay albums to be amongst my favourite (especially Politik- one of the best things they've ever done in my opinion), and perhaps the most crucial track of every album. I'm completely aware that this album was intentionally m
  13. I really think it is. There have been a couple of cases of an instrument being noticeably loud and then turned down straight away. They would have fixed that in the mix if this wasn't live. The screen thing was just one song recorded yesterday (I'd imagine), I'm pretty sure the rest is live
  14. It blows me away that this is live. Music-video-quality production/visuals on every track. So SO good.
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