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  1. Have an awesome chorus. Only play it once.
  2. You all are jerks posting how you're listening to it and not posting links.
  3. Noooo....my favorite bands...what are you guys doing... "On September 2011, after a celebration concert for Freddie Mercury's birthday, Tom Chaplin said that the sound of the new album will be geared more towards pop, following their success third album, Perfect Symmetry, and maybe the album will be release at the end of the year. The composition part is over, they're going to start the recording soon." First coldplay and now keane...
  4. I know right? That's the last time I take that guy seriously.
  5. I feel the same way, and I'm a HUGE coldplay fan. These new songs have no heart.
  6. Then leave? Nvm you have 10,952 posts on a coldplay fansite...you're not leaving lol.
  7. Hello, your thread about ETIAW has been merged with an already existing topic. You can find your posts in here now: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76999 :nice:

  8. Its on itunes now in US. Filter coldplay albums by release date.
  9. This is my favorite of the new songs And I don't care who knows it! =)
  10. That's what I mean. They sorta have a chorus that's amazing but never repeat it.
  11. That piano slide move does not fit the song at all.... Take that out and it's great!
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