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  1. So true, I feel the same sensation of happiness research. And after all, Chris needed it in that moment… Ps: you have the nickname of my favourite Coldplay (and Jon!) track, I can only be agree with you! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. I am not very interested about critics opinions, sometimes they seem to want to impose their idea of coldplay beyond the real quality of the music produced. “Here is the part of the Coldplay review where we need to discuss Chris’ eternally frustrating words. To his credit, the singer has admitted he’s not a great lyricist”. Wow! So original! “And now the moment that all of you are waiting for: the lyrics” Instead I’m much more interested in opinions on this forum, sincere, honest, both positive or negative. My opinion is that this is an album that you may not like, but i
  3. No one talks about It, but I think that Eko has a sparkling beauty. His voice is so incredibile.
  4. I Live in Italy, its impossible to me try to buy them. I try with 10 button from official site, but seems that shipping cost for my country is very high. So sad. But, please, if someone can tell me how I can have one or more of them I'll be very grateful. Thank you so much.
  5. kupiz

    True Love

    Very Thanks ColdMartin, sounds very great! :D:D:D:D
  6. kupiz

    True Love

    Oh thank you very much Coldmartin, but I prefer your impression because It's only part of the song I guess, and at this point is the only reason to waiting the album! But if you gave your review About i'll be very grateful!
  7. kupiz

    True Love

    Ooh good! Thank you so much!
  8. kupiz

    True Love

    A little review? What you think About?
  9. kupiz

    True Love

    But can we have a little review after all this pM?:D
  10. Sorry coldplayers, I have one question for you, probably a stupid one. But if I serch for True Love o Ink on Twitter, results that many people are leastening it/them on Path.com . What is that site?? It's a Fake reports?
  11. Yeah, Since an album leaks the streaming on ITunes it's very useless for a band that have already play all the songs of the album! And, also, if we can listen it on iTunes We don't need a leak! (I don't need anyway).
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