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    It's completely amazing what she has done over the past year. :shocked2: . Who would have thought that she would get SO massive. Her RITD performance at the Grammys completely slayed me
  2. I have never really listened any of Maroon 5 albums ( I've only heard the singles and stuff) And I quite liked the album :) . I mean , it's completely different from before and completely get why people say they've sell out ( specially since Mooves like jagger was massive , they followed that). Payphone it's one of my fave songs this year + there are other songs like Sad or Lucky strike Doin dirt that are quite good. Truth is that it's a great workout album :laugh3: + It sounds more like an Adam album more than a Maroon 5 album
  3. That and also the fact that their albums are discounted on several places + iTunes. The single POC is 50% off too.
  4. Her voice is completely stunning :D
  5. Lol , I'm soooo looking forward to this !. I bet it will be their best video yet ( of this era )
  6. 4x platinum .. Although it should already be 5x platinum
  7. By the way Coldplay's A Rush Of Blood To The Head (4,822,000); http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/chart-watch/chart-watch-extra-top-albums-last-10-years-181452729.html Featured on the best selling album's of the last 10 years.
  8. It really did ! I just cannot at them lowering the price 40 times :stunned: In the US ( where the disccount was given ) : And some airplay figures in the US
  9. Actually paradise is in the 1.6 million mark. 1.1 from the album version + 0-5 from the Single version ( that was released before MX came out )
  10. Meh lol , It's the same , GMA also have outdoor concerts .. The thing is that , both GMA and Today outdoor shows are done in summer as part of a "Summer series concerts" .. Ever since it's not Summer or nowhere near , They be doing it on the studio lol
  11. Well , That's true. First of all , I think that Coldplay has been helped by the digital era , and that's mainly why Paradise and other songs have achived platinum status and so. I think that if Clocks or the scientist were released in the digital era they would have been certified platinum. So you can't really messure the success of Paradise and compare it to their past hits either lol. What I'm saying is that , Paradise sure wasn't a hit on radio. I mean , it did reach #1 on triple A radio , but Triple A radio audience is very little , So you can have a number one smash on Triple A radio ( Or for example Rock AC ) and the impact be minimal
  12. That's for the UK though. I think that POC is more likely. I HOPE it is POC
  13. Are you serious? The song proved to be a HUGE dissapointment in the US. Specifically on Radio. VLV (song) was a top 10 radio hit and got to 80 million AI . Paradise stalled at 20 AI ( ETIAW did better , sitting at 33 million impressions ) . It didn't even managed to get in the top 100 airplay charts. Although maybe if you listen to AC Rock or triple A radio ( that have little impact on the main chart ) it was a hit there
  14. IMO , Releasing CB in the States would literally kill MX era there. It's already been dead for a while and CB will not pick up there. If they decide to release POC for the summer , it will be a hit but won't help the album at that time
  15. ch .. The Grammys were the Adele's . Why the fuck is she doing Rolling in the deep again ?: I'm dissapointed.
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