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  1. The scientist, hands down. Wanting to take things back and start over and not being able to. I know that feeling too well.
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina Favourite song: The Scientist.
  3. I am a huge PF fan. Roger is my god :D Pink Floyd didn't quit because of age. They split (or, more accurately, Roger left). Their differences and fights are well known. The rest went on, and Gilmour even put out a record not so long ago, but he is a bit lazy for touring (hence the belly LOL). Sadly Rick passed away, and Mason is devoted to his cars. Roger goes on touring, and hopefully he is going to release a new album, hope sooner than later!
  4. It is up to them, the way their music evolve and if they feel comfortable doing it. I don't know if you have seen Rush live. I did in 2010 and they seriously rock, despite "being old". I read the article, and I can't talk about many of the musicians in that list, but the last sentence about Sting ("There's no more sure sign that a performer needs to call it quits then when he decides to get the old band back together.") is not something you can say about every musician out there. For example, Soundgarden reunited after more than a decade, and according to the last reviews, they are on top for
  5. It is indeed silly. Roger Waters is 68 and still touring, and talking abou a new record. The guys from Rush are close to their 60s and their last record is amazing and the tour is about to begin. The Stones, well, enough said already lol. Long live Coldplay too :D
  6. I am in my fifties now, and I saw them live in the Viva Tour. I knew them through Yellow when a guy dedicated it to me (insert melting smile). X&Y will always mean Paris, because I had it in my mp3 player when I spent 2 weeks there, and listened to it all the time :D So, for me Coldplay will always be very special, no matter the age (theirs or mine).
  7. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of one of the MTV bumpers we get here in Argentina... the first part in this video, the walking "wookie" with the bouncing ball following it. The bumper is longer than what it is showed and there is a part where the "fur" is multicolor. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ljxh5IfK84Y]YouTube - ‪MTV Argentina - Combo bumpers 2009-2010‬‏[/ame]
  8. I wanted to know what shows were the LRLRL songs recorded at...
  9. No problemo :D

  10. Le erré terriblemente.. Perdón! :)

  11. You're welcome. I hope that you had a good birthday.

  12. Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

  13. You wrote that you have birthday on 27.2.10 - so belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope that it was a good one.

  14. WOW halina, today (febr 27th) it's my birthday and I also cried when they played The Scientist, has a special meaning for me too :D I did record a couple things but as I was being so squeezed and crushed I feared for my camera security so my material pretty much sucks. I might post a short video of the butterflies when I learn how to convert it ;)
  15. @ Verussia: right now it is 11:19 in Buenos Aires :) And I will be leaving in around 40 minutes *YAY* Too old to be a fangirl going to airports and hotels - not because I don't want to, but due to lack of time (2 kids to take care of). You will see a fat old cow in the queue with a jean shirt and trousers - that's me *moooo* :D
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