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  1. Hmm, seems silly to pay 5.50 sending costs for a 4 euro comic, also why do you always need a credit card for these kinda things >.< So the only different thing for this comic than the ones that'll be released from february 2013 is the cover right?
  2. I like the acoustic version, but as to why choose the "overproduced" version, I actually like that version better, love the power of that version and that version goes better with rihanna's voice, the tempo of the song and with the lyrics imo and I think it fits better in the story on the album, especially because it's between two very quiet songs. So about the discussion of them choosing money over music, it IS a possibility that they actually thought the "overproduced" version is better or at least fits better on the album in this way.
  3. Damn, I was hoping we wouldn't be competing for the same spots :( that sucks man, wonder how much vip tickets there are, it kinda sucks if people that queue for hours can only be 3d row just because some lazy rich people got in first, even if they're real fans, why can't they just get there early and run to get a good spot like everybody else.
  4. haha yeah I was^^ I'm Esther, the girl with blonde hair, pink jacket with bird pattern. Who were you? (:
  5. It was great, the crowd was amazing. I was one of the first 10 so I got to test the glowbands^^ Had a brilliant time with Tash and Stefan and some other people. Although I really would've LOVED to see the soundcheck so much, but it doesn't matter much cause we had a great time and indeed saw Chris and Will and it's really great to see them just being casual, doing their thing before the concert. I think maybe they didn't play christmas lights because they didn't soundcheck and maybe they would've practiced it then otherwise. I did find it a bit short, but it was great anyway, I just hope the s
  6. yay also got tickets! my best friend bought them for me when the sale started^^ And tommorow Rotterdam :D (and the day after, Snow patrol in Leiden for Serieus Request :D)
  7. I reaally hope they play Christmas Lights! That would be the best thing ever. And I'm def gonna be there early, don't know how early yet, but we'll see^^
  8. Really excited to go aswell! Not sure yet how late I'll be there, pretty early I guess :P Anyone already plans?
  9. gah it's on my birthday! I SO have to go, best B-day ever! ^^ Do have to work the day the tickets go on sale though, so... fingers crossed I can get them in the break.. =S Or maybe I can ask a friend to get it for me :D
  10. OMG I miss this, we should really just do this every year!
  11. As far as I know Coldplay doesn't hire DJs to do such stuff, DJs just remix songs they want to remix. So Coldplay really has nothing to do with it:P
  12. Yeah this, I'm actually pretty certain they'll play almost whole Mylo Xyloto, they did so with Viva, and I think they'll change the setlist around a bit aswell to pick songs that match with the new MX songs coming in and to keep it all fresh for themselves. And they couldn't have done it for this show because it was to soon and it's also to soon after the album came out so people wouldn't knjow the new songs well enough to play whole MX I can't really figure out what Anton Corbijn did for this show, I mean I loved the interview at the start but it just looked exactly like a regular coldplay s
  13. it should get bussier here, I think some people are also at the live thread instead of here.
  14. Hi everyone Reaaaaaly excited for tonight! It's going to be amazing!
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