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  1. I haven’t seen that mine has made it to its destination :worried: I hope it didn’t get stuck in customs!
  2. Thank you so much my lovely secret Santa @giorgina19 :heart_eyes: what a sweet and thoughtful card. I’ve already eaten the chocolate because it’s my favourite:kissing_heart:
  3. This song has hit me harder than any of the others on this album. I think the line “Sometimes I wanna call him” is so poignant in its simplicity and describes grief (at least mine) in so few words. Anyway just wanted to get that off my chest :heart:
  4. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face as they played it during the MX Tour was fantastic. So much energy! I miss them playing Politik live though. Very powerful.
  5. I begged Chris for a ticket once! So could happen! Fingers crossed for everyone still going to London! I’m cancelling my flights later today (still have a tiny hope).
  6. Did seriously no one on here get tickets? That’s such a shame :pensive:
  7. The link email said to bring the card paid with - nothing about proof of citizenship or residency.
  8. I have my duvet on the sofa and a cup of tea next to me! Most relaxing Coldplay concert I’ve ever been too :joy: Aw Chris is so sweet thanking everyone
  9. Oh I really like the sound of it! Can’t wait to hear the rest. Very Travis-like.
  10. I feel like it keeps getting longer and longer :joy:
  11. Yes! Exactly my thought. I’m still mad they didn’t release a version of FOP, though. It’s such a lovely melody.
  12. Wow, that’s really strange that they would require a national ID? I lived in London for three years and didn’t get an ID during that time and know friends who’ve lived there longer and still don’t have one. If proof of residence is needed then an ID isn’t really the best ways to prove that.
  13. Sending lots of Coldplay karma to everyone trying for tickets (including myself)! Hopefully see you there!!
  14. I didn’t like it at all, feels like they’ve taken a lot of the song out. It doesn’t have any dynamic to it. Thin White Duke Remix of Talk is hard to beat when it comes to the official remixes imo!
  15. Ooh I’m definitely doing a recording tomorrow morning!! :heart_eyes:
  16. 100% agree! The opening gave me goosebumps though. Gorgeous but could have been a minute longer!
  17. I just can’t get over 4:52-End. It’s mindblowingly good.
  18. I wanna know, when I can go back and be young again :sob: This hit me straight in the heart. It’s such a desperate plea of wanting to go back to something that doesn’t exist anymore. Combined with the poppy, exuberant feel of the song just makes it very poignant to me.
  20. Wow, Arabesque is blowing me away!! Definitely needs a lot of listens.
  21. Oh no, spoilers! That’s my cue to get off the board until later tonight! :scream: Happy listening!
  22. :grinning::heart_eyes: Love!
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