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  1. This afternoon I had trouble getting tickets when they pull them up randomly for you, but at least for Nrg stadium they have the option for you to pick your seats on the map and that's when I got mine, a ton of seats were open when I clicked that option and I was able to find a pair next to the bstage. Not sure if that option is available in other arenas and stadiums but its worth a shot!
  2. I didn't think the sound was terrible, there was a lot of reverb but where I was ( on the 50 yard line in 235) it wasn't too bad. Loved doing the "Phil"
  3. The show was fantastic! After london grammar who were awesome, the theater slowly started filling up, from up in the balcony I could see where the empty seats were and by the time the show started I would say that at least 60 seats spread through out were not filled, a bunch in the first 8 rows, which is a shame because clearly there were people who really wanted tickets. okay so about ten min before the show began two kids ( apple and Moses) came and sat behind the piano, Moses had glow in the dark headphones which he didn't keep on his ears the whole time haha. Can't blame him! But h
  4. Here is my sad recorded version of a whisper, forgot that when you turn the phone once you've started recording it doesn't turn with you :/ but at least y'all can hear it and cock your heads to the side to watch if you would like. [video=youtube_share;G-X0L6_coNc]
  5. Haha nice to meet y'all too! Looks like y'all have nice seats!
  6. I'm wearing a green shirt second row on the balcony
  7. Here are all the empty seats from my view http://instagram.com/p/oNEdzdpsCP/
  8. Haha as sad as it is about scalpers we are secretly hoping the seats infront of us are still open then we will be in the front of the right balcony! But London grammar was great! Dang that girl has a killer voice!
  9. Yeah as we were waiting to get in we heard about a guy who paid $1200 for a ticket and got turned away! It seemed like that was a trend outside..
  10. Yay I pulled two from the app! Flying out on Saturday!! So Pumped!
  11. ugh we had 4 computers pulled up and got nothing :( sad day.
  12. It looks like you have from today May 3rd to May 5th to win one of 250 stars. Just take a picture of the night sky and post on twitter or instagram with the hashtag: #morecoldplay, US friends only, sorry :( Check out the website morecoldplay.com for details.
  13. That is going to be a big radio song here. I think i've found my new work out track. :D
  14. It also looks like from the people who posted on twitter that they won, that they are from Austin. Texas is a big place, but thats what highways are for! Some of us don't mind driving a few hours!:rolleyes:
  15. Oh what a delightful way to end this Sunday! Now to zoom in on the album cover and investigate all the bits and bobs. Im digging magic by the way, very chill. :D
  16. I am excited too! Feels good to be 'home':P
  17. How fast can you swim? Because your package arrived in 5 days! That's fast! Well done Royal Mail! And many thanks to you comicforce! I was so excited to see a package in the mail for me! I am sooooo excited to try the buttons! I meant to pick up a pack when I was in England this summer and it just slipped my mind, and now thanks to you I get to have the joy of trying some!!! I am in love with the biscuits container well I'm pretty much in love with anything from England haha :D and can't wait to try the bath bomb! Thank you so much for all the lovely things you sent me! It has truly started th
  18. Oh question for those that were there on Monday! Does anyone remember the book that Chris mentioned in regards to the circle on his hand? I know he said it was written by shel Silverstein.. Any clues? Was it the missing piece?
  19. Mm maybe 25min? It wasn't too long after and they all came out at the same time! So it was like an explosion of awesome! But I'm glad that we all got to meet up and chat for those two hours on Monday! Seriously so fun!
  20. Haha well this saves me from having to upload all of these to here! Cheers! It was my first time in London and today was my last day so I thought i would give it a shot and head over there! And karma was on my side! They were all so nice however if y'all see any shots of Chris on his moped they did ask us not to post those :) now I have to go back to Texas. Alas :(
  21. I can be an extra secret Santa :)
  22. Me too! I hope it makes it there soon!:embarrassed:
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