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  1. Woaaah! My tiny 10 inch monitor couldn't handle the awesomeness. I had to zoom out by a mile and wait about 5 minutes for it to slowly/painstakingly be revealed. ...It was worth the wait just to see Jonny in a U.F.O :dance:
  2. Such an incredible drawing...so inspiring. :heart:
  3. Mine started glowing about an hour ago and hasn't switched off yet. :D It's not flashing though, just a steady pink glow. This is the first time it's done it since their Emirates show last Monday. I can't help but wonder if it's because of my radio. I put my radio on for the first time since Emirates today and my wrist band which is by the side of it switched on. Okay, I'm no physicist but I do wonder. I'm going out now, I'll see if it's still glowing when I return... (I hope it doesn't run out of batteries though) EDIT: Yep, it's been glowing now for over four hours. :cry: E
  4. I built up the courage enough to listen...they certainly 'jazzed' it up a little. Just got a little shudder down my spine. The Fix You video. No words to describe it.
  5. These guys are playing near where I live. LINK Should I be scared? They have groupies!
  6. If I had a choice between Robert Downey Jr or Chris....that would be a tough decision.
  7. I found that interview slightly cringey for some reason, I think it was the presenter.... :thinking: But once again, some great quotes from Chris.
  8. Whatever happens I can't wait. Coldplay never cease to surprise/amaze me and personally any video is better than no video, even if it does contain a very strange Rihanna.
  9. Damn, haven't been on this thread in an age. Really making me laugh so much!
  10. They're awesome! I prefer them to the official MX ones.
  11. I really hope they have them for the stadium tour. I wanna magical glowing band. :cheesy:
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! :heart: Hope it's joyful and fun! :santa3: EDIT: ^OMGAAAH! Love it!
  13. So excited! Counting down the days until I can relive my experience at Wembley in 09! Getting the tickets was so hard! I didn't think I'd get them, I was almost in tears! The amount of times I've tried to get tickets for coldplay and had no luck. When I rang up the ticket line and they said they had just added a new date, I thought it was a joke. It's like a dream! :D just need to get a hotel now....
  14. Sounds like Dermot O'Leary is losing his voice. I love those bracelets! And they brought back the butterflies! :heart:
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