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  1. Here's two concepts I designs a while ago for my Tumblr :) First: [ATTACH=CONFIG]32048[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]32049[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]32050[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]32051[/ATTACH] Second: [ATTACH=CONFIG]32052[/ATTACH]
  2. Anyone know of the confirmed setlist? I've heard: Clocks Oceans ASFOS Sparks Yellow VLV Paradise but we have footage of Lost? plus I've heard Always in My Head was performed...? Not sure about that yet.
  3. Many people had been asking on my Coldplay Tumblr. And I searched EVERYWHERE. I mean, the depths of the internet! And finally I got a mysterious anonymous message saying the name's of Phil's children. View the post HERE. I'm thinking it may have been an inside person because.... Back in 2012 when I saw Coldplay in St Paul, a very special roadie approached me (she was european) and told me the crew and band really liked my blog (she gave me an autograph from Coldplay). I was completely baffled. She showed me her iPhone and it was opened to my blog. it's how she knew where I was sitting. I'm hoping it's correct. If not, don't blame me, I'm just the messenger! :cool:
  4. maybe I'm misinterpreting how to win the tickets....? hahaha. It sounds like there will be two words played each day (one at 7:20 and one at 4:20), instead of one word just played twice. Since it's past 7:20am here, I've missed the first word. Here's what it said: "...Listen all week at 7:20am + 4:20pm and keep track of the keywords. Then Friday morning at 7:20am Oake and Keri will take the 97th caller with Chris Martin Phrase that pays. Read back all the keywords and you win, hotel, airfare, and tix to the private Chris Martin show at secret location in New York City!" but idk sometimes I just see the word Coldplay and my mind freaks out lol.
  5. okay so are the "keywords" for each day the same one at 7:20am and 4:20pm? or two in a day, one at 7:20am and another at 4:20pm? if it's two a day, I'm sad because I've already missed the first :P
  6. According to Phil on Twitter, the boys were rehearsing A Whisper for soundcheck! Any chance they played it for the show, does anyone know?
  7. Here's the full list for "amgvjcnkjajrmyrm" Apple (Chris's daughter) Moses (Chris's son) Gwyneth (Chris's wife/ex) Violet (Jonny's daughter) Jonah (Jonny's son) Chloe (Jonny's wife) Nico (Guy's daughter) Keisha (Guy's fiancée) Joanna (Guy's ex-wife) Ava (Will's daughter) Juno (Will's daughter) Rex (Will's son) Marianne (Will's wife) Yasmin (Phil's wife) Rafi (Phil's son) Max (Phil's son)
  8. The footage they shot for Oceans may be cheesy or unoriginal, but you know...I absolutely loved it. Chris poured his heart and soul into that track, and it really showed. Speaking of which, I would love to have the video for Oceans! I am dying to make gifs for my tumblr. I can't wait to rewatch the entire thing — bravo Coldplay!
  9. Round 1: Don't Panic Round 2: Magic Round 3: Shiver Round 4: High Speed Round 5: Midnight Round 6: NEITHER Round 7: Oceans Round 8: A Sky Full Of Stars (yep, it beats Yellow for me. Can we just all agree Yellow is just getting old? Well, at least for me it has) Round 9: O Seriously, every time I match an album up against GS, my least fave track from GS (Another's Arms) lines up with my least fave track from the other album, in this case Spies from Parachutes. I just can't answer. hahaha. Parachutes: 3 GS: 5
  10. Round 1: Life In Technicolor ii Round 2: Postcards From Far Away (just so darn lovely) Round 3: Glass Of Water Round 4: Rainy Day Round 5: Midnight Round 6: Poppyfields Round 7: Oceans Round 8: A Sky Full Of Stars Round 9: O PM: 5 GS: 4 I feel both are pretty evenly matched!
  11. Round 1: Hurts Like Heaven Round 2: Magic Round 3: Charlie Brown Round 4: Us Against the World Round 5: Midnight Round 6: NEITHER Round 7: Oceans Round 8: A Sky Full of Stars Round 9: O MX: 3 GS: 5 I just can't choose on round 6, as Major Minus and Another's Arms are both my least faves from MX and GS, respectively.
  12. Does anyone have a photo of the actual Ghost Stories disk yet? Like this photo for MX? I would greatly appreciate it!
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