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  1. I'm great! And how are you? I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED. Their new album is going to be ace!

  2. hey! wow it's been a long time! I've been alright. Mostly just been working lately. Doing two jobs, so that's been good. umm... also gone to a whole bunch of concerts since we last talked and have a few more left this year. How have you been? How's college going? Do you still listen to Radiohead? What do you think of their new album?

  3. Hi :) Late reply, I know. Wait no... SUPER late reply, but yes, I am Arabian ;)

  4. HEY!! I haven't logged onto here in forever.. I'm sorry :( How are you? How is everything going? NEW COLDPLAY ERA FTW :D

  5. Mike! I barely go on here any more. How is it going? What's been happening?

  6. Hello! I'm sorry for the very late reply! I have read your wall post just now. How was the National's show in Vancouver? I haven't been listening to the band like I used to but its music really make me relax whenever I listen to it. Wow I guess you have been into many awesome concerts...i mean, canada is where great indie bands of late comes from! Thanks for your concern. I'm not depressed all the time. I'm happy right now lol. Thanks.

  7. Hey there! How's it going? I haven't heard from you for a while!

  8. Hi! How are you? :) Have you heard Christmas Lights?!

  9. Hello there! I am great! I managed to go to 10 places I've wanted to go to for a while in 2 days! :awesome: This weekend is also going to be amazing. I am going to New Bern, NC's Jubilee Weekend! :dance: Good luck to you! What specific type of medic to you wish to be?

  10. I know, I was sooo surprised! :D I get google alerts for Chris Martin, so I got that email and I was like "WHAATT :shocked3:"!!! Wow, that sounds incredible! You've been to Egypt??!! AND South Africa??!! That's amazing!! We did something sort of like that in my World Issues class in grade 11. It was fun! Except I had to be North Korea and defend myself for using nuclear weapons. :/

  11. ohh i am good, just really busy with school.., how abuot you? how was the trip to vancouver? i hope everything went well.. yeah it was cool, and chris sounded really good :) :) :) and now i want that flaming lips shirt he had on.. and i hope everything is going well for u too!

  12. haha... sure thing! Speaking of news there is some side news that you might like. A bunch of fans recently made videos of a concert for the band and the band supplied them with the audio. So you can download it or view it on youtube... it's quite awesome! http://radiohead-prague.nataly.fr/ Thanks! Take it easy! and best of luck w/ classes!

  13. Hey! No problem! Honestly though I might not do those listening parties for a while. The last few times I've tried to do them the amount of people that have showed up is really small (like 2-3 people). But I'm hoping they'll pick up after people have forgotten about them for a week. Like I said don't worry about talking online... honestly I didn't see it as being hostile or angry or whatever. I enjoyed talking to you about those topics because I find it really interesting to get someone elses opinion on it. Either way I would totally understand why you might be frustrated. If I had to go through some of the same things you did it would also make me angry or annoyed. But either way I enjoy hearing your side of the story. Best of luck to starting classes! I'm sure that it'll be awesome!

  14. The Anettes lulz. Awe :wacky: I haven't heard it D: I SHOULD HEAR IT NOW. Awe :sad: Well, you need to focus and stuff, I understand. AWE I'LL MISS YOU TOO :hug: Have an awesome time, and life filled with joy and joyness :nice: KEEP ME UPDATED TOO OF YOUR PERSON LIFE :freak: lulz

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