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  1. Looking good as always! And I'm so happy at least Will and Guy were at that afterparty with Chris! Jonny must have been there, too, I hope :)
  2. Wasn't allowed to post more than one video in the previous post so here we go, I love this vid! [video=youtube;HHDl3aYalfg]
  3. Since it's the Grammy's day, I shall remind you of some glorious photos and videos!!! :D 2009 2012 2006 2003 One of their best performances: [video=youtube;EOzEdLRAB6I]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOzEdLRAB6I LEGENDARY!!! Enjoy :)
  4. Everything has been said here but I also wanna say thank you Ian and the others! Coldplaying is awesome and I'm happy it's back! :)
  5. Wow I wish we could see the whole picture. It would be the most attractive selfie ever. :awesome: Ohh by the way, you remember this ? C-U-T-E!!!! :wacky: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OTfaiJuY38]Coldplay: Blog #113 - Chris & Jonny Interview - YouTube[/ame] and this: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6sYvlQiEJ4]Coldplay-Yellow-Sessions @AOL - YouTube[/ame] AROBTTH Chris nostalgia haha :heart: :dazzled:
  6. Quite disappointing that they aren't even nominated. :/ Would love 'Happy' to win but let's face it, it's gonna be U2 again!
  7. Currently a big dilemma for me. I just saw that I do have a channel on my TV that is going to show the Golden Globes. But I have school tomorrow, so I have no clue if I should wake up at 2 or just record it and watch it later...:\
  8. I really want to believe that journalist and I really hope I won't be disappointed. Looking forward to it!!! :awesome:
  9. This guy is AMAZING!!!! AMAZING!!! He's an example for every rich person who could do the same as him and spend his money for worthy things and he's an example for every single one of us, too! Is he ever going to do something I won't like??? Really don't think so. Also, he's so damn attractive, he has it all. DAMMIT :laugh3: And Gwyneth and him are so cute awwwwwww :wacky: Ohhhh they are about to get a divorce, we can clearly see that in these photos. SURE...In your face, stupid gossip magazines! Bam!
  10. Well said Sharon!!! I see we have the same opinion ;)
  11. Welcome Essi :) And yes, love the videos :heart:
  12. You LUCKY girl!!!!!!! :awesome: :wacky: :dead: :dead: :dead: Also, isn't it a bit cold to come out with shorts and topless only with a towel??? he's cray :lol:
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