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  1. met this weirdo called prynce myshkin he smelled like pies
  2. I hear you never did such a thing you liar!
  3. your bidet come in handy these days noodle arms?
  4. :wacky: (miss the old emojis on here)
  5. i'm suprised to see you here renusky :0
  6. Sup bat <3

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    2. Cyan Kat

      Cyan Kat

      aww *hugs* I'm fine just procrastinating :3 I saw deadpool last night and it made me think of you idk if that's weird ~ <3

    3. Batman


      procrastinating lawl :D HA that's funny that you thought of me. There were a few funny moments in that movie but I didn't really like it. And no that's not weird, I've been associated with way more weirder things!

    4. Cyan Kat

      Cyan Kat

      I think I probs thought batman would kick his butt and I actually liked it wasn't expecting to at all :0 and I hear you did some interview thingy??

  7. I'm glad i'm not a squirrel, i'd be bullied by the 'merican grey squirrels :(
  8. eee so happy you got it ive been thinking the past few days shit i was too mushy i freakin love you batman <333 yeah it was pretty random but cool :wacky: i know its difficult :( maybez someday though

  9. i swear i spend 2 minutes trying to actually spell kyrgyzstan
  10. i hate you for getting me addicted to this ^ now i have loads of un-useful country names stuck in my memory 146/197 :cool:
  11. i want to recommend a documentary about mandella on iplayer right now showing how different south african people feel about his legacy. ((idk if it's else where online))
  12. I Am Slave - 9/10 its about modern day slavery and really moving. Hitch - 6.5/10 a lot better than i thought~ The Deep Blue Sea - 6/10 The Way Back - 8/10 beautiful, great story etc. Meet Dave - 6/10 War and Peace - 7/10 Identity Thief - 1/10 it sucked Sleepless In Seattle - 6/10 idk this film just irritated me in some ways and i disliked the main characters and i know it's supposed to be great. Anchorman 2 - 7.5/10 i found it really funny. The Master - 8/10 at the beginning i was like uhh this sucks but then it gets more into the cult stuff and i think its great.
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c62Aqdlzvqk]How Do YOU Define Yourself Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen - YouTube[/ame]
  14. that's why i just stick to wearing glasses but not at school because i always was really insecure which was stupid because i couldn't read stuff on the board.
  15. Warpaint :heart: & fairly soon i think Sampha is incredible and i'm really excited to hear more from him.
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