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  1. Who else is very irritated that there isn't a Perth show? :/
  2. This song is so good to sing along and spaz to. And you can continue that trend into Major Minus. ^_^ I SHUT THE WORLD OUTSIDE UNTIL THE LIGHTS COME ON <3
  3. Princess Of China sounds like all of the singers that I avoid in favour of Coldplay: Jessie J, Justin Beiber, indeed, Rihanna... Coldplay are better than these guys because they put thought into their music. Princess Of China doesn't appear to have been thought about much: It's a muddle of loud synthesisers and they brought in a singer who is several tiers of talent below them... I can't help feeling that Coldplay have taken a fall here. Mylo Xyloto would have been perfect otherwise. :/
  4. I avoided the live versions, and loved Major Minus anyway when it came out with the ETIAW EP. It hasn't changed in the slightest in the transition to Mylo Xyloto (except for balancing the guitars out a bit more in the chorus, which actually improves it a ton), but even though I've probably listened to it in excess of 100 times, I still love it to bits. It's a refreshing diversion from what Coldplay usually does. ^_^
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