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  1. This is incredible! I love the use of the sounds from the o2 commercial... i think i might actually prefer this 'ambient' version to the original :) Is there an option to download?
  2. Wow, a third london date? Nice! Yeah, people should go for that. Sites like getmein are scalper sites, so it's best to buy directly, but they sell out so damn quickly!
  3. Yeah, poor service if you ask me :\ I spoke to a friend of my dad's yesterday, who always goes to see concerts, to ask for his advice. He said ticketmaster was always unreliable, so i'm glad he suggested another option! Seriously, everyone who got shafted, try this instead: http://www.getmein.com/ If you can afford the extra price, it was a pretty painless procedure. Of course, regardless of where you buy, i recommend sooner rather than later, because scalpers will be increasing the prices pretty quickly from now on...
  4. I got 3 tickets! :-) Ticketmaster itself was rubbish - the tickets went on sale before 9am, and of course as soon as i refreshed and tried to buy anything it said it "couldn't match my request". Used getmein.com instead - prices are heftier, but it actually worked (and it's part of ticketmaster, so it's legit), so i recommend that! Question - what's the best time to show up for GA for good seats, as opposed to good standing positions?
  5. Fair enough. I think i'll opt for seating instead - don't think i have it in me to line up so early!
  6. If the standing tickets have row numbers, does that mean you get a particular place to stand? Or is it still 'first come first serve', i.e. the first people in get the closest spot?
  7. Awesome news! :D Even if some of the new songs we love are on this, and left off LP5, that will mean in the long term we get quite a lot of new tunes! I am curious though, if this is going to be some kind of EP pretty much unrelated to the new album...
  8. Maybe being a comma is like allowing for a continuation of a sentence, breathing more life into it and keeping it going, whereas obviously a full stop just ends it. A comma provides the opportunity for development and flourishing, rather than cessation. Or maybe i'm thinking about it too much :D But when i actually thought about the line, it certainly became less cheesy...
  9. OHH i get ya now :laugh3: You raise a very interesting question, and i think it's very possible that they haven't revealed the 'biggest' songs yet - or at least not all of them. Concerning the 'rock' aspect of things - i'm not sure songs being rock n roll is as important as them simply being effective live. For example, Viva la vida definitely is not a rock tune, but that's certainly going to be a festival highlight. But i'm sure coldplay are being tactical with how they reveal these songs - they wouldn't just play the 4 biggest tracks from LP5 on national tv so casually. I'm sure they hav
  10. I kind of agree with you, it certainly seems to have some elements of their earlier material. It seems like a good fusion of what made them good in the first place, and an entirely new direction! I too think LP5 will be unlike VLV, which is surprising considering the Brian Eno link, but i'm generally ok with this, because my philosophy is that no band should stay the same, it should constantly be developing.
  11. Are you implying that they have a bunch of songs to play at the festivals, and then a completely separate batch that will make up LP5? Because having such a massive amount of material would be awesome! However, i'm fairly certain these are new album songs...
  12. I'm not sure, i think it's ok to use a well known sample, but i think the most important thing about sampling is that it should be simply one element of the song, an addition, not the very backbone. Sampling should be like another instrument. Using it as the core, as ETIAW does, is less like sampling and more like covering the original. When i think of a good sample, i think of using a snippet in moderation, to back up an original idea, or a recycled riff that has been twisted and manipulated into a whole new thing. But what coldplay seem to have done is kept the old song intact, and used it
  13. Completely agree with this. Change is good, but sampling isn't change, it just... sucks...
  14. When i first heard ETIAW, i actually thought it was pretty decent, because i like electronic/dance sounds. However, pretty quickly i realised the song doesn't really 'go anywhere', it doesn't build up or change, it just kind of plods along. So it became uninteresting pretty quickly. I still thought it was a good tune though. However, when i found out they used another song (they did at least credit the original artist, which is good), i simply couldn't listen to it the same way anymore - i mean, there's sampling, and then there's this. It almost strikes me as a cover tune, but the way it's go
  15. Major minus is such a fantastic tune - great melodies, astonishing guitar sounds, and it sounds like an 'evolution' of the band, like they've grown rather than stuck to any kind of formula. The new songs they performed, and this one in particular, give me a lot of hope for the new album :)
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