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  1. Well well wie hebben we hier. I remember you, we seem to agree again, don't we? Let's say I wouldn't have a problem dancing to this at 2 in the morning but I would have a minor problem with my friends then coming up to me and saying "OMG you are a huge Coldplay fan this must be like your favourite song I know it's mine our music tastes are like so similar!!!!!" Well whatever, they're still my friends. :p And this is still Coldplay, I'll let them do what they want. Most people like it, so why not. They don't have to let a handful of grumpy fans decide what they do. At least with Oceans they p
  2. Summary: a song that I will probably like at parties (with enough alcohol in my blood), but won't listen to on my own. It's a cool and energetic track that's gonna be great at parties and clubs. For an Avicii track, it's gold. But it's Coldplay. And to be honest, this isn't Coldplay for me, not at all. This is Coldplay being a boring slave playing safe for the music industry. I was so thrilled by Oceans - still am - but with this song they admit that they don't have the balls to release an album without a hook-filled instant club classic that's going to secure their domination of the charts
  3. I wouldn't say so. X&Y is so stylistically consistent that it is actually the album's biggest flaw. Parachutes also has a striking unity of style, but that doesn't bother me as much. I'd say MX is still more diverse than these two, but I do see what you mean.
  4. It's not about the film, it's Greek mythology. Atlas is the God who literally carries the world on his shoulders. Chris used to be a classic literature student so he's probably glad to write a song about that. I'm not sure if The Hunger Games books or films reference the same mythology, as I haven't read any of the books and have only seen the first film.
  5. It gets better every time I listen to it. It's gone from 7 to 8/10 for me. Too bad I can't edit the poll :p Exactly, couldn't have said it any better.
  6. I don't get why people say it sounds like old Coldplay. If anything, it sounds like new Coldplay. It has the classic sound, buildup and finale of an MX-era song. And those are definitely electric drums near the end. Let's say that's the part I like least. But for the rest, it's a good song. Not fantastic but good. If this were still the MX era, it would be among their best songs of that era.
  7. The National - Trouble Will Find Me Splashh - Comfort
  8. First of all, not so keen on the lyrics, let's say they are all right at best, but that's something I've known for a month. I really like the beginning and the build-up, but not really what it builds up to (2:27 onwards). This part feels too much like a generic Paradise beat to me. I do love the Jonny guitar picks near the end and the outro. Overall, I'm content because I know it could have been a lot worse if they had stuck to the MX path. It feels like Moving To Mars, only less good. MTM being my favourite song of my least favourite Coldplay era. I gave it a 7/10 rating, which seems li
  9. I had a dream a few nights ago, that I heard the track and it was shit. It was so bad I figured I wouldn't even bother coming to this forum to say what I think. Then I woke up and realised there was still a week before release. :p I like the editor's notes, especially the word "gauzy". Never heard it before but apparently it means something like "misty". Promising.
  10. Since MX left me disappointed in Coldplay 2 years ago, I discovered a lot of other bands and artists, which has really been a revelation to me. And there's still my old favourites, of course. Let's make it 12 :) The National (arguably my favourite band) Arctic Monkeys Miles Kane The Vaccines (revelation of the decade and also arguably my favourite band) The Black Keys Tame Impala (personal revelation of this year) Modest Mouse Queens of the Stone Age Alt-J Two Door Cinema Club Jake Bugg And let's not forget Coldplay.
  11. "I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war, if you can tell me something worth fighting for" and "Stood on the edge, tied to the noose, but you came along and you cut me loose" I miss the AROBTTH era when their lyrics were actually meaningful.
  12. A Rush of Blood to the Head, and Spies. Also my favourite songs by Coldplay all the way. Politik, especially as an opener, God Put a Smile, Shiver and Amsterdam deserve an honorable mention. And the ones that I forgot.
  13. Opener: Politik Closer: Amsterdam, or Death and All His Friends/The Escapist, depending on the mood.
  14. Typical post-Viva Coldplay lyrics at first sight, I think the "oh" will be a classic "oooh-oooooh-oooooh" again, if you know what I mean. Of course, it's the song that matters, and I'm curious, if not a little excited to hear it. :) I enjoyed the first Hunger Games film by the way, so that will be another good reason to go an see it this fall. There's never been a hiatus by the way, they've always been recording and LP6 should not be too far away.
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