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  1. 1. Birds 2. Amazing Day 3. A Head Full of Dreams 4. Everglow 5. Adventure of a Lifetime 6. Up&Up 7. Army of One 8. Fun 9. Hymn for the Weekend For the hell of it: 10. Kaleidoscope 11. Colour Spectrum 12. X Marks the Spot (Maybe my least favorite Coldplay song of all time)
  2. Parachutes: We Never Change A Rush of Blood To the Head: Warning Sign X&Y: Low Viva La Vida: Life In Technicolor (This one was bloody hard, LITii is a better song so I decided for this one) Mylo Xyloto: Princess of China Ghost Stories: A Sky Full of Stars
  3. CharlieBrown

    True Love

    I just saw the live Ghost Stories TV special and I must say there was something special about that live version that upped the song for me. True Love is a good song, not my favorite but that live performance was fantastic. I don't know if the song itself sounded any better live, but the band's emotions and performances just made the song seem more impacting.
  4. I have a prediction that the live video for A Sky Full of Stars might become the official video for it, a la Lost! at the Chicago United Center. But if they do release another single it has to be Ink. It's so catchy and that song could easily lend itself to a good video if they decide to make one.
  5. Round 1: Hurts Like Heaven Round 2: Paradise Round 3: Charlie Brown Round 4: Us Against the World Round 5: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Round 6: Major Minus Round 7: Up In Flames Round 8: Dont Let It Break Your Heart Round 9: Up With the Birds GS: Zip. MX: 9 Woah, what a landslide. I love Ghost Stories, but I asked myself "what do I want to listen to right now" and the answer were the MX tracks every time.
  6. Ghost Story is the best song from Ghost Stories. I'm glad that we get to hear it and enjoy it, but I am disappointed it didn't make the standard album. It's so much better than every other song on the album that it's shocking to me how it didn't make it. I'm sure Coldplay has one or two more songs recorded that they could have saved for the deluxe edition and added Ghost Story to the record. If it were me, I would have switched Ghost Story and True Love. True Love feels like a b-side for Ghost Stories, but Ghost Story feels like it should be the lead single from the album. It's just so damn
  7. Updated for full album 1. Ghost Story (This song is just so goddamn good it's unreal to me why they didn't include it in the original record. It could have easily replaced Magic and would have felt so smooth after Always In My Head. Ghost Story has some of the best lyrics of the album and it has a guitar riff that I'll be humming for the rest of the year. Plus, any track where Will gets to pound those drums is a topper for me. A Rush of Blood to the Head fans like me will really dig this track.) 2. O (+ O Part 2) 3. All Your Friends (All Your Friends is, like Ghost Story, a misstep in t
  8. CharlieBrown

    True Love

    I feel you. There's a lot to like about the track but I do think it's my lowest rated on Ghost Stories. It seems like the whole first two minutes exists only to get to that 2:15 mark where the song finally takes off. But once it does launch it is really awesome!
  9. 1. O It's essentially a perfect Coldplay song. Piano melody is beautiful and simple, and there is no grandiose sounds to be found. It is simply a song about heartbreak, love, and loss, so the music fits accordingly. Haunting is the word that keeps coming up among friends. This is the song that fans will remember from the Ghost Stories era. A 'staple' if you will. 2. Midnight What can be said that hasn't been said already? It's so different from every other Coldplay song and it works splendidly. Especially within the context of the album it feels right at home among the other tracks on Gho
  10. (Updated list) 1. O (9/10) *Only based on the snippet* 2. Always In My Head (9/10) 3. Midnight (8.5/10) 4. A Sky Full of Stars (8/10) 5. Oceans (7.5/10) 6. Another's Arms (6.5/10) 7. Magic (6.5/10) ---- 8. True Love (6/10) *Snippet was really bad, so this ranking is pretty high for a terrible one minute recording*
  11. So I'm on my third or fourth listen of the studio recording...and it's still not that good in my opinion. First off, it sounds a whole hell of a lot better than it did live. The production on the track is stellar to say the least, however Johnny's solo is drowned out by the other sounds in the final bridge. In fact, most of the guitar is faded or put as the background with the drums and synths taking the lead here. Lyrics still are a little bland, but Chris's vocals make them sound way more interesting than they are. Light vocodor is placed in the verses and chorus and it compliments the so
  12. 1. O 2. Always In My Head 3. A Sky Full of Stars 4. Midnight 5. Oceans 6. Magic 7. Another's Arms
  13. Cool it down with cold. It's the right thing to do.
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