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  1. I'm in Southeast Georgia, US... Like as far southeast as you can go without going into Florida or the ocean. :) Sleeping sun!
  2. I entered, and then found out my boyfriend wouldn't be able to fly out there with me since it's past the timeframe for him to request time off from work. If I won the tickets, I'd still go, but I'm more than ok with it if I don't get to. I'd normally be ok with flying out by myself, but I'm 6 and a half months pregnant now and not really up for a solo vacation to a city I'm not familiar with. :\
  3. I know I'm like a year and a half late on this thread... but I HAVE to listen to this song every time I fly. After Mylo Xyloto came out and the tour started, I flew a few times to see their concerts... so I associate the lyrics "float all over the world just to see her again" with me flying to see Coldplay <3
  4. Just finished a hot dog and half a hamburger (no bun on either). It's 7:30am, stomach hates me now.
  5. Bigger Stronger 48 Brothers & Sisters 38 High Speed 31
  6. I'm back from my trip HOME to Connecticut and finally have internet access, yay. Um, I got a little camera happy at this show and have uploaded some videos to my youtube channel... and am gonna upload Viva when I get home from work today. http://www.youtube.com/user/daynamari if you wanna watch. I was in section 103 which was behind-ish the stage, so the angle sucks, but I was close to the stage so that was awesome. But this arena is so small that no matter where you are, you'll have a good view. This was one of my favorite shows that I saw this tour... not sure if it's because it was in m
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