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  1. Thank you for posting them again!! ahahah oh the looks, unevitable...... ;)
  2. :laugh3: ah I saw those! well the looks...the looks...don't lie, do they?
  3. Yeah, I'm sure she did learn it! Chris just can't help it...even though he behaved without bucking love pratically in Porto...he was overwhelmed by the audience and so on...but no significant bucking pics...
  4. Either way... we all know what's the meaning of the feeling of the closing up...right? ;) it's loveeee :D
  5. omg they are kissing!! and the most intersting thing is that Mrs Martin was there in the concert! I wonder what does she think about it... :rolleyes:
  6. olá Claudia!! que pena tive como sabes em não ter ido :( mas que preço era o do boné?? já vi o vídeo que postaste do Warning Sign, ainda bem que não esquecem as velhinhas...
  7. He looks 10 years younger than he actually is... :)
  8. Happy birthday to one of the most talented, beloved and gorgeous man on Earth!
  9. Those photomontages are totally AWESOME!!! :D
  10. Lovely puppies!!! I believed they melted away :) congrats on meeting them in person too!
  11. huh, hope none is taking this guy/ girl seriously :rolleyes::inquisitive:
  12. :nod: incredible, huh?
  13. Very well said! I made your words as mine. It's really obvious about their love.
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