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  1. This looks cool I hope we get some news soon
  2. I understand it. Thanks for the warning 😉
  3. It´s ok for someone to send me the video? I will be very grateful :heart: ;)
  4. Where can I find a Hi-Res of their current (Everyday Life era) profile photo of the band? The same they´re using today for their Facebook, Spotify profile... Can someone send it to me? :blush:
  5. That´s unfortunately :worried:. Maybe a tailor can fix it for you, what do you think? Btw I'm always confused when I ordering clothes from the US because of the size, but I always doing anyway :joy: . I just ordered a T-shirt and a sweatshirt, I hope I don't face the same issue.:oops:o_O
  6. GOD IS LOVE. LOVE IS GOD. LOVE IS COLDPLAY. COLDPLAY IS GOD. GOD IS COLDPLAY ❤❤❤. Absolutely loved the first half of the special. The next is just in a few minutes
  7. I F LOVE THIS ALBUM ❤. From the amazing classical opening which is one the most beautiful pieces of music I heard in years, to the back to the roots vibe of alternative indie music the band used to make, to the lyrics with relevant political and sensible themes, to the experimentation of new genres, there's jazz, gospel music, soul, classical .... It felt like the band was jamming in the studio and recording a album at the same time. And because of this I got a sense of creative freedom from the band to really let go and do whatever they wanted to do. It felt like they were free for the fir
  8. Just WoW not only I think is my favorite Coldplay musical piece since the XY era tbh (and I love all the things from the VLV times) but I think it's one of my favorite pieces of music for the last 10 years overall. I was blown away by the Kuti family collaboration as I am a huge Fela kuti fan for years. And I really like Stromae too. I think the ending sound so massive and explosive just like the ending of Politk (my favorite Coldplay song). I can going on forever about Arabesque and why I'm in love with it. The message and lyrics although is simplistic is so powerful, and honest, and
  9. Uow. That's awesome. Nice memory. I remember that talks of acoustic album too. I think you are on to something here. That makes sense for me.
  10. Hahahaha Me too. I actually glad that the album will probably launch November 22. That being said I don't like to ear a lot of the new songs in live concerts before the album or official release comes LOL. Maybe one single or two and one b side and it's good enough. I just remember of the pre Mylo times when we heard pretty much the whole album with the exception of few songs before the official release haha
  11. Maybe is a sample they used like Computer Love is for Talk. That's very possible!
  12. One woman mentioned on her stories tha Jimmy leaked the album for her and its mindblowing. Watch @jimmydushku stories he mentioned this. Maybe there is a high chance that the album will be leaked before November 22 and the snippet of the song he shared is real!!
  13. I was thinking and what if the song snippet tha Jimmy posted on his Instagram is real. Maybe they used the original song as sample for their new song like they done with Talk and Kraftwerk and ETIAW. I can see they doing this! I can totally see the band doing something like the snippet he shared.
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