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  1. The charts have changed since those songs charted. Streaming now takes up a lot of the chart, you can't really compare it. It's still top 10 on Itunes in UK/Ireland and would probably re peak if it was down to just sales, but if you look at their streaming, it's not in the top 10 in either right now.
  2. Normally Ireland would be beside the UK dates. There isn't a huge gap, especially if extra dates are added.
  3. They played there in 2008. The capacity is 12,500, but they had fully seated, so 9 - 10,000. It would've been an awesome gig.
  4. Nah i don't think they will pass Ireland, i still reckon they will play Aviva or Slane. I read Gaga is playing Aviva in July/Aug.
  5. Aviva Stadium for June 16th is the rumoured date, but we have known that for ages now, so no idea why Ireland isn't on sale like the other Europe dates.
  6. There is. If you type formula 1 into google, there is articles about it and ticketmaster has tickets on sale.
  7. They will probably add an extra Manchester date and 2 London since there is a gap.
  8. So would i, but if they don't add a Dublin date for their winter tour, it will probably be an outdoor gig during summer. Wonder if they will play Aviva stadium.
  9. Same. There is space between Manchester and London, London and Paris. So hopefully they add one, but it will most likely be extra dates in London
  10. I really hope they have a date at the O2 Dublin
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