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    Thanks xD And nice, didn't know you were on here! (Though, guess I should have expected it coming from a Coldplay Facebook group lol) Also, goodness gracious do you have a lot of posts haha
  2. Yeah that's what I tried first actually, but it wasn't working for some reason.
  3. Thanks, got it working. The site: http://en.savefrom.net/ ended up doing the trick. Edit: Actually, damn, the 1080p version they had doesn't have audio for some reason, realized that after I downloaded it. Guess I'll have to live with 720p for now :/ , Ah, these first world problems lol
  4. Are there any mirrors of this version?: [video=youtube;dR4-il3T74A] I can't seem to find any proxies that are working (have to use those since I'm in the US), and I really want to download the 1080p video! Thanks! :) I see where you're coming from as well. I guess it just comes down to uniqueness then. I just hate when people make these "sounds like everything else", or "pop music sucks", or "music nowadays sucks"-type general, blanket statements.
  5. I guess some people are just inherently different or something, but a song doesn't have to be "unique" for me to like it. As long as it's a good or catchy song, I'm happy, no matter how simple nor how complex, how "poppy" nor how acoustic & stripped down. Maybe that's why I can enjoy pop music more than other people, idk, but I don't mind if there's a bunch of songs that "sound the same". If they're songs I enjoy, no matter how simple, no matter how similar, the more the merrier I say! :)
  6. Cannot. Stop. Listening. Lol, I'm gonna wear this song out in a day...I need to pace myself xD
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    Well, I'm not "new" I guess per se, since you can see to the left there that I've been a "member" since Sep 2011. However, I just started actually posting in the past few days lol. I'm going to try to be more active on here in the future (although of course I'm saying this a week or so before my finals lmao). So, anyways, hello!! :) - Paul P.S.: It makes me unbelievably happy that there are so many people who love Coldplay like I do, and so many members of this forum, and Coldplay groups in general across the Internet. Unfortunately, I've only known like 2 people in
  8. Not sure which one of the Ghost Story image threads is more popular, but I'll post this here too, just so more people can see it: (The other thread to which I'm referring is here: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/threads/99114-Coldplay-HD-Wallpaper) I created an Imgur gallery of various wallpapers, album covers, etc. (Some of it's from those first links at the beginning of this thread). http://imgur.com/a/5GaxS Hope you guys enjoy! :)
  9. Ahh, it's so hard lol, but I think: 1. A Sky Full Of Stars (although honestly O will probably tie or surpass this, but I'll make that judgement when I hear O in its entirety). 2. Midnight 3. Magic Then I'm feeling about the same on Always In My Head, Another's Arms & Oceans for the time being, so they tie for #4. Edit: Actually I'm kind of feeling the same about Magic, Always In my Head, Another's Arms & Oceans, so those 4 might just tie for #3 lol...sorry, I'm so indecisive xD
  10. Man, I can't wait for this song!! I'm thinking it's going to be one of my favorites! Sounded SOO freaking good on the BBC Radio 1 interview!!
  11. Simple doesn't automatically = bad. (Most electric-sorta songs aren't all that complex, because that's not the point - they're meant to make people dance and enjoy themselves, not be Mozart-level symphonies. It's just a different style of music.) And complex doesn't automatically = good, etiher. You guys can hate a genre of music all you want, however saying things like it's not "real music", or "not Coldplay", is just wrong.
  12. Eh, well I'm in with the dissenters I guess then lol: "Analysis suggests that the loudness trend may have peaked around 2005 and subsequently reduced, with a pronounced increase in overall and minimum album DR (crest factor) for albums since 2005." And just speaking from person experience of listening to a lot of pop music in my life, as well as many other genres, all I've noticed is that music has gotten just simply better quality, maybe louder too a little, but I don't see how that's a bad thing. The article says: "Which many critics believe damages the sound and reduces listener's
  13. C'mon guys, Coldplay is not falling into any "bandwagon", and they're not any "less Coldplay" for making...more Coldplay songs lol It's all Coldplay, and they're branching out and trying new things. If it's not your thing, fine, but don't say that it's not "Coldplay" anymore, because it is! :)
  14. :( Almost everything claiming to be "music" actually is. I like music because it sounds good. Maybe that's why I like and listen to a lot of pop music, as well as most other genres, but c'mon man EDM is just a new, different style of music, just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not "music". What Coldplay wants and decides to do is ALL that their "style" is. We don't define what their style is, THEY do. :)
  15. Ah, alright, well as long as you're not one of those "Eww I hate all pop music, I only like REAL music" type of people, then you're good by my book xD Yeah, to be fair ASFOS is really the only more pop-ish upbeat song on the album it seems like lol
  16. Lol so? Mainstream doesn't automatically = bad. There's good pop music, and there's bad pop music. Pop music doesn't automatically = bad, I know it's a 'cool' trend right now to say you 'hate pop music', but c'mon man, music is too important to shun an entire genre before you give it a proper listen. Avicii co-made the song, as I understand it. I'm sure he'll probably make his own remixes, but that's just my guessing, so don't hold me to that. Chris did say in the interview that he loves the EDM-type of music though. Personally I like it too, and love the more upbeat typ
  17. This song is gonna be incredible!!!!! Hearing it on the interview was freaking amazing!!!
  18. I recently uploaded a youtube video of a snippet of "Paradise", and used a picture from a cruise I recently took this summer as the picture of the video, but I just had to take down the video due to a copyright notice. So that got me thinking to merge the actual album art of "Paradise" with the cruise picture I used, and I that led me to making this!!: http://www.freewebs.com/disciplesrealm/Coldplay%20-%20Paradise%20(Single)%20(Album%20Cover)%20(Cruise%20Picture%20Edit).jpg EDIT: I've also uploaded it to photobucket, if that's easier for you to view it on: http://i52.photobucket.com/a
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