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  1. That would be great. I went to the cinema in Switzerland on Wednesday night with loads of other people and when they tried to show the film they said it was not available. So everyone just went home without having seen it. Unbelievable and quite frustrating.
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    pm would be great :)
  3. Another link to listen to it from 7-8PM German (and Swiss) time: http://www.srf.ch/radio-srf-3/player - i hope it works outside Switzerland, am not too sure though.
  4. starting time? i read the closing ceremony starts at 7.30 pm london time. is that true? do we coldplayers have to watch from 7.30? because zdf (german tv) for example starts only at 9 pm london time...
  5. they actually have a coldplay special on from now till the concert, but swiss german might be a lot to ask for you guys :P and there's also a lot of other (crappy) sound as you hear
  6. http://media.energy.ch/radio/as3/#nrjfm if this link works, yes. you can try it out now already.
  7. Coldplay live, Energy Radio http://media.energy.ch/radio/as3/#nrjfm the show starts at 5.30 london time, coldplay will start at 7PM from what i've heard. 7PM is when the radio live broadcast will start anyway. i hope you guys receive it from abroad - just test the link...
  8. gibt es einen golden circle wie damals in bern? habe stehplatztickets für 120.- und mich gefragt, was es sonst noch so für kategorien gibt :)
  9. you're right. it was in 20 minutes which is (i believe) the most read newspaper in switzerland as it is free and almost everybody on the bus, trains etc. read it. the printed interview was shortened.
  10. this is so hard! Round 1: Don't Panic / Politik / Square One / Life In Technicolor / Hurts Like Heaven Round 2: Shiver / In My Place / What If / Cemeteries of London / Paradise Round 3: Spies / God Put A Smile Upon Your Face / White Shadows / Lost! / Charlie Brown Round 4: Sparks / The Scientist / Fix You / 42 / Us Against The World Round 5: Yellow / Clocks / Talk / Lovers In Japan / M.M.I.X. + Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - this is just not fair, yellow vs. clocks :) Round 6: Trouble / Daylight / X&Y / Yes / Major Minus Round 7: Parachutes / Green Eyes / Speed
  11. no sound mine works fine, perfect quality with stealthy, but i've got NO SOUND anyone else having the same problem?
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