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  1. Hi! Does anyone possibly know at which hotel the band is spending their weekend in Gothenburg? Would be awesome to bump into the band before the show!
  2. Strawberry Swing Viva La Vida Cemeteries Of London Lost! Violett Hill
  3. My grandmother passed away a week ago. She lived alone and passed away from a heart attack :'( I feel so sad and empty, she was the sweetest, kindest person in the world. It's been a week now, but I am still very sad although life must go on. During these days I've been very emotional after the funeral, but thanks to Coldplay I've gotten strength and I know she is in a better place now. The only songs I've been listening to has been See You Soon, Fix You, Til' Kingdom Come, Up In Flames, Everglow and O in repeat. Coldplay is a gift from God. Just wanted to share my thoughts in these dark times, but lights will guide us home. Take care of eachother and be safe.
  4. Is Brian Eno still around with the band somehow or is it only Rik Simpson and Stargate now? With Davide Rossi of course
  5. The video was released 25 Feb (Tuesday) as a teaser, but the single was released 17 Apr (Thursday)...
  6. This means that the album has to come out December 4?
  7. You can use Snapchat with the new reverse-setting to record the video from fb/twitter from your computer, and then play it backwards
  8. The great thing is that it sounds really colorful and positive! Can't wait for the single and album to come out!!! Coldplay put a smile upon our faces
  9. It makes me think a little bit of Hurts Like Heaven?
  10. The guitar riff sounds amazing!!! They are back!!!! Holy shit
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