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  1. Hey, Jordan! :) I'm so sorry I haven't talked to you in SO long! :o I just logged onto Coldplaying for the first time in forever so I thought I'd say hi while I'm here! xD And I know I'm super late, but I was wondering what you think about Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories? :) Anyway, I hope you've been having a great summer! :D How have you been doing?

  2. Glynnnn!!! :surprised: :'D Hello!! :awesome: I know, it literally feels like we haven't talked in an eternity! I've hardly been on Coldplaying or w.a.s.t.e. in such a long time either... :uhoh: I've been doing quite well. :D Since I last spoke with you, I went to 3 more concerts - ALL in October. :stunned: It was such an awesome month!! I got to see Phoenix on October 1, Kodaline on October 11, and Franz Ferdinand on October 20! :awesome: :dance: Every show was amazing!! :nod: How have you been? :wacko: And, Merry late Christmas, and I hope you've been enjoying the new year! :nice:

  3. Hey Jordan!! :D I am so sorry that I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!! :o But I will be sure to write you some long messages on here to catch up soon! :) But for right now I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! :dance: I hope you have an awesome one!! :nice: So, how have you been? :happy:

  4. By the way, I am SO sorry for never replying to your previous Coldplaying messages! :stunned: At the time, school was still going on, so I was extremely busy with review work for finals, and since summer started, I've been too busy doing stuff on other websites (I got re-obsessed with Neopets :facepalm:) and nearly forgot about Coldplaying for a while. But, now I feel like my replies would be super late, and I don't want to clutter your profile with any more of my messages. :uhoh:

  5. I hope you are successful with learning Seven Nation Army on the guitar! :awesome: That'll be one awesome tune to play! :D And, I actually have Muse's "Under Review" documentary on DVD! xD My dad bought it for my sister and I as a Christmas gift 2 years ago, and it was a really cool documentary! :surprised: I learned a lot from it, but I actually forget a lot of the stuff in it because I watched it so long ago. :lol: He also bought us another Muse documentary called "Manic Depression", and that one was full of awesome information as well. :D All I know is that, after watching those two documentaries, I felt like I knew Muse much better! :nod: As for the other stuff I mentioned in my message on w.a.s.t.e., I actually have no idea what I said xD When w.a.s.t.e. finally ends their maintenance though, you can go on there and just reply to whatever else I said, but you don't have to re-reply to everything you already replied to on here. :nice:

  6. What's really funny is that, when I first heard of Phoenix, I thought Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was their first album! :surprised: :lol: And when I looked up the rest of their discography, I was amazed when I found out that they had 3 previous albums, and their first one was released in 2000! :stunned: It's all because of the lack of radio play of their previous albums. :shame: As far as I know, the radio never really played any songs from Phoenix's earlier albums, but overplayed their newer songs, and that's when their fame suddenly skyrocketed! It's strange how the radio is basically the magical device that controls a band's popularity... :thinking: And yes, I do know the White Stripes! :D I've known them for years, but never got completely into their music. :surprised: They are really awesome though, judging from the songs I've heard! And, Seven Nation Army is such an awesome song! xD The bassline and guitar riffs in that song are so cool! :cool:

  7. Oh, I didn't even know that w.a.s.t.e. was doing maintenance! :confused: I was actually just about to go mess around with my playlist on there a bit more, but I guess I can't! xD But, ahhh I'm so glad that you like Phoenix!! :awesome: :dance: They do have a very diverse sound, as you said. :nod: Really, I can hardly recognize them when I'm listening to their first and second album! They've changed so much, but their music is always awesome. :D And yes, Thomas (the lead singer, who is in my avatar, by the way :wacky:) has such a lovely voice, both singing and just talking with his beautiful French accent. :heart: They are such cool and awesome people! :cool: :awesome: And yeah, I highly recommend buying their new album! :D It took me a bit of time to get used to it, actually (there's a lot of synths, and no slower-ish songs), but I've been listening to it everyday since I first got it, and it is literally one of the best albums I've ever listened to! :surprised: :nod: :heart:

  8. Anyway, I think I'm going to buy Phoenix's new album now! That song "Everything Is Everything" has been stuck in my head for days! :laugh3: It's just so catchy. :dance: I've always liked Phoenix, but I really think they could definitely become one of my favourite bands! Thanks once again for sending me those songs! :D Well, I can't really recall anything else to reply to from the w.a.s.t.e. message. If only I could go back and look at it. But w.a.s.t.e. won't let me right now. Oh well. xD But if you remember something you wanted me to reply to, just let me know! :)

  9. Their music is really...different. It's rocky, quirky, guitar-oriented, and kind of bluesy. And the lead singer's voice is really unique too, some people think it's too weird, but I love it xD Another fantastic discovery I've made recently is a documentary. Have you ever heard of Muse's "Under Review" documentary? I found it on YouTube. It's 9 parts that are about 10 minutes long. It gets into everything from the very beginning of their musical endeavors, all the way to The Resistance (the documentary was apparently made before The 2nd Law). Anyway, I've only watched 7 of the 9 parts so far (because I've been so busy and I've been waiting to watch each part when I really have time to pay attention because I'm so weird xD). The only downside is that each one tends to get cut off abruptly at the end when someone's in mid-sentence. :/ But other than that, I've loved it! :D It might be something more known than I thought, but I felt like I'd found buried treasure when I came across it! xD

  10. I actually bought one of their albums...back in 2009, I want to say it was...? :thinking: It's their Wolfgang Amadeus album. I love it, too, but now that I've listened to more of their music I'm amazed at how diverse their music can be! It's just awesome! :D I'm trying my best to recall what else I needed to reply to from the w.a.s.t.e. message but my mind is going blank at the moment. :( Hopefully I'll think of it later on as I type. :rolleyes: But speaking of bands, I've recently become obsessed with The White Stripes. They've been out for a long time so I'm pretty late in discovering them. They actually broke up in 2011. But I just recently discovered them because I randomly decided to learn how to play their song "Seven Nation Army" on guitar, and that caused me to look into more of their stuff, and now I'm obsessed! xD Do you know them? :)

  11. Hey! :) I just went to reply to your message on w.a.s.t.e. and it said "Sorry! We're under maintenance right now." and would not allow me onto the site! :surprised: So I thought I'd just try to reply to what I could remember on here instead, since I don't know when w.a.s.t.e. will be back up. :angry: But oh well, it's no big deal really. I like Coldplaying anyway. :laugh3: But firstly, thank you for sending me those Phoenix songs!! I absolutely LOVED them all! Everything is Everything is ridiculously catchy!! :dance: And that amazing live version of 1901 at Bonnaroo in 2010 was absolutely EPIC! Such a fantastic live performance! OMG!! :D Entertainment and Trying To Be Cool were also awesome songs!! :heart: And Bourgeois was also epic! Really, I loved them all. And I love that guy's voice! His singing voice is amazing, and his French accent when he speaks is just too adorable!! :wacko: That's so cool that you're going to get to see them live! It's gonna be TOO awesome! :wacky:

  12. Yeah, honestly Muse being involved in the soundtrack is the main reason I want to see it. I just always think it's interesting to see how they use songs I love in movies. :D I even watched that goofy Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day because Uprising was in the preview, I had no other reason to watch it. :lol: Then they didn't even play it in the movie at all. :angry: :laugh3: But in all seriousness, I actually think the preview to World War Z looks pretty cool (especially with Isolated System playing the whole time :lol:). :wacky: Plus I heard that apparently Matt Bellamy was reading the World War Z novel awhile back and it supposedly really inspired him in writing a lot of the album. :surprised: That's great your birthday was good. And yeah that's great too--I'm sure the trips planned over the summer will totally beat a big celebration the day of anyway. :)

  13. I haven't planned on seeing World War Z... but apparently they use Muse's The 2nd Law: Isolated System in it, so I might watch it just to see how they use it! Yes, my birthday was great! I didn't really do anything in particular to celebrate it, but I have a few trips with friends planned over the summer so I'll basically be celebrating then instead :D

  14. I thought the movie was great! :D And yes, Quinto and Cumberbatch were fantastic. I agree on the actor who plays Kirk though...kinda obnoxious. :uhoh: Speaking of movies though, I'm anxious to go see World War Z! :awesome: My brother in law told me it wasn't too great, but I still want to see it. Have you heard anything about it? Oh and happy (extremely) late birthday! Hope you had a good day. :)

  15. Thanks, but I didn't went to Muse concert (my dad didn't let me) ...but it's ok :) and no, I've never seen Coldplay live :(

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